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Which search engine to choose?

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You know at least two search engines: Bing, from Microsoft, and Google. And for good reason, you have a brand new Windows computer, and your default browser (Edge) uses Bing. Your first and last search on Bing will always be "download Google Chrome". But why are we all doing this, and shouldn't we give other search engines a chance? Let's see which alternative search engine to choose according to your needs and expectations.

You are looking for efficiency: Google

In the world of search engines, it's Google... and others. It is not historically the first search engine, but it is undoubtedly the most influential, with millions of users. The ex-small directory has 94.2 % market share in Franceand responds to 2.6 million searches every second. The reasons for its success? A head start, a clean design and highly efficient algorithms.

google evolution

Google has even popularized the new term "response engine". If you want a relevant answer, with a refined interface, the American search engine is made for you, to the point where you don't even have to click on a link to get your result.

Nevertheless, not everything is so rosy. In addition to the well-known problem of the use of your personal data, Google dictates the codes of referencing and good practices on the web, while flirting with the limits of the legal, having no real competitors threatening its place. And no one can do anything about it: a 4.3 billion euro fine (imposed last year by the European Commission for abuse of a dominant position) when one does a turnover of more than 136 billion euros about the year 2018, does that really make Google shake?

You want nice search results: Bing

As you probably already knew, Google and Bing offer a different ranking of results depending on your search. This is for a number of different reasons depending on their algorithms:

  • Google favours the quality of sites that link to your website (backlink), while Bing also judges by the quantity.
  • Bing takes your presence on social networks into consideration much more than Google does.
  • Google is very fond of texts, where Bing prefers the diversity of media (videos and images).

Which search engine to choose between Google and Bing? Well, using Bing is a matter of personal taste. Some people will find a search engine rather nice (if you're on Windows, you're used to taking advantage of those screensavers where you often wonder "wow, where was that picture taken? "), others will prefer the logic and relevance of the different results.

bing search engine

If you are interested in setting up online advertisements, Bing can become a very interesting element to work on your online advertisements. The cost per click is lower than Google, you will spread on Bing's engines, but also Yahoo and AOL (yes, AOL), and according to Hubspot, 36 % of users buy onlinewhere the competition on Google is fierce. We can help you to implement a genuine sustainable strategy on Bing or Google Adwords.

You wear a mask so that you won't be recognized on the street: DuckDuckGo.

Founded in 2008, everyone has already heard of DuckDuckGo. But in use, DuckDuckGo holds 0.42 % of the search engine market share. DuckDuckGo is the search engine that "doesn't spy on you", as it reminds you when it's launched.

duckduckgo search engine

DuckDuckGo therefore does not collect your data, IP address, personal information and does not sell them to companies. It even offers "Privacy Crash Course", a newsletter to help you keep your personal data ... personal.

Simplicity and sleek design, making the transition to Google is not difficult, all the more so as the advertisements are good. fewer in number.

The fact that your search results are not customized means that anyone can have the same results with similar search terms. You have your personal data seriously in hand. An advantage? Well... yes and no. Some people like to have personalized search results based on what the search engine retrieves as data. When I search for "sushi", Google knows my position or estimates my location based on my previous searches and offers me restaurants nearby. DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, offers very relevant results and will offer me unfiltered results of any kind.

duckduckgo search results

To get the details of your search, you will probably have to do some additional research, but that's the price you pay for having a private life on the Internet.

You like "Made in France": choose the Qwant search engine

Speaking of privacy, this is Qwant. Created in Nice in 2013, this search engine has developed its own algorithms, and makes its results more relevant by taking advantage of its alliance with Bing. The idea? To become totally independent. The French search engine does not use third-party cookies to store your data, and like DuckDuckGo, you keep your privacy. Qwant is still young and tends to gain popularity, communicating on the image of a European company.

Is Qwant the search engine to choose? On the practical side, this one emancipates itself from the Google and Bing interface which are quite similar to offer you a more original display. Whether you like or dislike, Qwant dares to propose something really different. Especially since the "News" part is much nicer than what Google offers.

google news
News results on Google
qwant news
News results on Qwnat

Its "Social" tab is just as interesting for a deeper look.

His only flaw? To impose itself as an "anti-"Google alternative. Google has greatly worked on the relevance of search results, where Qwant has launched a plethora of services, before fine-tuning its engine. Olivier Andrieu, from will tell you about it in detail in this article..

You are nostalgic: Yahoo is the search engine to choose

Talking about Yahoo doesn't make us any younger! The platform, bought by Verizon in 2017, which had previously bought AOL (it doesn't make us any younger, I tell you), has known many failuresbut its search portal still works (certainly, powered by Bing...). Yahoo is still +6 % market share in the United States! Sleek design, quick access to your personal e-mails, question-and-answer category (yes yes, still, you can have fun discovering a real little community that's always active, and very... intriguing answers).

Yahoo search engine

But above all, Yahoo always offers its home page with news, such as the Orange and MSN portals that smell good in the 2000s, with sports results, the weather in your location, People news... ". News, mail and search" indicates the title tag, and the promise is duly fulfilled. If that's what you're looking for, then this is the search engine to choose.

You are very, very, VERY nostalgic: Lycos

You have a little tear in your eye at the memory of Groupama's Cerise and the P'tit Yoco were your favourite dessert? Lycos is made for you. The search engine is still alive and well, and you can still use it... tell them to fetch!

You are in China : Baidu will be the search engine to choose

Google and China, it's not crazy love. Last fact: the huge situation with Android and Huawei phones experienced last year. The search engine withdrew from the Chinese market in 2010 following numerous censures imposed by the Great Firewall of China. The place was therefore free for Baidu (66 % of market share in China), designed by the Chinese, for the Chinese, accepting the constraints of censorship without any problem and taking into account the local culture (no Pin Yin, Mandarin).

baidu search engine

The web pages proposed for "sushi".

You have a heart about this tall: Lilo

In the Ethical family, I present you Lilo, which is, in addition, a French alternative. This search engine uses the powerful algorithms of other search engines such as Google (it is therefore similar to a meta-engine) to display the results of your query, with the commercial links that go with it, EXCEPT that 50 % of the profits generated by these commercial links will be donated to social or environmental projects. And it's done in a pretty cute way: you collect drops as you search, which will then be transformed into money, and choose the project that touches you the most to donate this money.

lilo search engine

To top it all off, Lilo takes great care to protect your privacy. Results that are therefore relevant through the use of other algorithms that are already performing well, supported solidarity projects, a respected privacy, with a refined interface... what more could you ask for? To support the cause of your choice, here is the search engine to choose!

You like forests : Ecosia

Like Lilo, Ecosia is a meta-engine that finances projects. With each search, you increase your tree counter, and it takes 45 searches to plant a tree in the real world.

ecosia search engine

Ecosia, just like Lilo, receives money from advertisers when you clicked on an ad link, and this advertising revenue goes back into the project, it's that simple. Well, since the Amazon is burning down, replanting trees is good, but where it's needed. And some critics target Ecosia on this subject, they're accused of replanting where we don't need it. So just a simple element of communication? It's up to you to think about it. Nevertheless, Ecosia is very transparent about its activities, you will be able to discover its monthly reports.

ecosia transparency

So, which search engine to choose? Which one is most like you? In fact, which is the best search engine? A search engine that respects your privacy but gives you results that are too broad? The American giant that devours your data to share the best results with you? An independent search engine? An eco-friendly meta-search engine using another search engine? Depending on your personal beliefs or design preferences, the puzzle is already complicated if you want to stop using Google. There's only one solution: test them and see which one will catch your interest. In the meantime, you won't have any more excuses for not quoting at least 3 different search engines!

à propos de l'auteur.e : Alex Ferchichi

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