What is the cost of a webmarketing agency?

You wish to boost your digital communication ? using a complete strategy, defined by professionals? You want to acquire more than internet visibilitydevelop your e-reputationto benefit from a personalised support or exchange with communication experts ready to invest in your projet ?

Whether it is a one-off need or a long-term collaboration, the services of a webmarketing agency have a cost but also represent an investment. Still hesitating to get started? Find out what the cost of a webmarketing agency is and invest serenely in a permanent and specialized communicationfor your field of activity.

How are digital communication agencies remunerated?

The invoicing procedures of digital communication agencies may vary according to their habits or internal regulations, and generally these digital marketing professionals proceed by daily cost multiplied by the number of people involved in the projectBut, remuneration can also be thought of as the performance, to the fixed price or in depending on the number of KPIs (key performance indicators) achieved.

Hourly invoicing

To answer the question "how much does a web marketing campaign cost", it is essential to find out about the hourly or daily rate digital agencies.

This can vary from simple to double and even much more, depending on many factors; geographical location, reputation, type of service, level of competence, imposed deadline... If billing by the day is more and more widespread, a average mixed rate can also be favoured for smooth and simplified invoicing.

Invoicing by service

Digital agencies also offer to invoice their services for the service, which is relatively complicated and requiresaccurately assess the time cost of a global operationThe agencies that make this choice also rely on the fact that no major problems will arise that would force them to delay or deploy additional resources.

On the customer side, it is essential to study the project scope and what it includes or not, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and overcharges. 

Fixed price invoicing

This is probably the billing method on more advantageous for customersFixed-price invoicing implies that the customer pays each month the same amount for a selected, regular and predefined level of serviceNot only does this formula allow you to use the services of a web marketing agency over the long term, but it also offers better options for budget planning.

How to define a detailed budget

Defining the budget of a digital communication campaign starts with an essential step, establishing a list of specific and relevant objectives.

A precise objective

The objective of a webmarketing campaign can be varied and concern different parts of the activity of a company, a brand or a website:

  • Increase the number of subscribers on social networks by creating content and setting up an editorial publication schedule
  • Increase the conversion rate of users, visitors or prospects
  • Favourable evolution of the number of subscriptions to a newsletter
  • Winning new customers and facilitating their loyalty
  • Regain user confidence
  • Development and strengthening of a brand image....

Determine the challenge at the heart of the webmarketing strategy A good agency will be able to quickly deliver its first advice and - its first remarks - even before the sale is completed.

Draw the outlines of the service

To achieve the objectives set in time and on budget, a two-way relationship will have to be established between the communication agency and its client, although different, both have a role to play in the success of this challenge.

As a first step, it is recommended to ensure that the richness and regularity of exchangesIn the form of calls or appointments, they are essential for a good collaboration Of course, these moments of dialogue and briefing are invoiced and generally included in the cost of a webmarketing campaign, as are working or reflection times.

For a sustainable partnership, it is important that both parties understand their respective importance in the success of an often ambitious project.

Agency rates in 2017

In 2017, the Zen Communication agency, in collaboration with the Union des Conseils en Communication, carried out a computer graphics including, by speciality, the average daily rates (APR) for digital marketing professionals and, more broadly, the agencies that employ them:

  • Consulting/Strategy Department

The average daily rate for advice/strategy is €913, ranging from €794 to €1031.

  • Print/Web Project Manager

The average daily rate for a print/web project manager is €579, ranging from €508 to €651. 

  • Artistic Director

The average daily rate for artistic direction is €689, ranging from €620 to €759.

  • Designer-Writer

The average daily rate for design/editing is €600, ranging from €538 to €663.

  • Graphic design

The average daily rate for graphic work is €423, ranging from €380 to €465. 

  • Webmaster

The average daily rate for webmastering is 542 €, ranging from 500 € to 583 €.

Of course, these rates should be compared with the return on investment (ROI) estimated based on KPIs achieved as a number of views or visitors, or the inventiveness of the chosen agency, its ability to implement innovative actions...

Do not omit the content

Content creation is the basis for many digital strategiesThis is also and more than ever the case in the digital communication sector.

Also, to know how much a webmarketing campaign costs, it is imperative to take into account the amount allocated to the creation of various content Slogans, articles, computer graphics, videos, advertising films, clips and flyers, each must be integrated into an editorial line defined upstream and in agreement with the copywriter, web editor, copywriter, Brand Content Manager or Social Media Manager.

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