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Generating traffic in 2020 ? Webmarketing and E-commerce, the solutions

Webmarketing is constantly evolving in line with technology and 2019 has been particularly marked by the influx of online consumption. The study reported by the FEVAD (Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling) in January 2017 unveiled amazing statistics on the behaviour of e-buyers, revealing the changing environment for e-tailers and opportunities to attract more customers and increase their sales.

The user experience at the heart of the strategy

In recent years, websites have continued to evolve: navigation modes are becoming more and more intuitive and theUX Design makes the buying process easier. All this is due to the mobile explosionAccording to the same survey," 24% of Internet users buy on mobile phones "This is an area not to be neglected in its web marketing strategy to win new customers.

Just like the essential sphere of social networks where the FEVAD teaches us that "the 45% of Internet users use social networks to discover new merchant sites and new products ».

But then, what are the tools of a good webmarketing strategy for its e-commerce?

8 inspirations for e-commerce: 

We can never say it enough: having a nice site is good, but if it has no visitors it's useless! The position of an e-commerce site on search engines is a strategic acquisition leverThink SEO from the beginning of its construction and you will be indexed faster by Google. To do this, a single word : optimizationTake care of your selection of keywords to insert in your tags (title, meta, description) and your permalinksThen think "content": today's Internet users appreciate interesting, original content that is consistent with your sector.

Finally, implement your strategy of notoriety with on the one hand internal links between the pages of your site, on the other hand external links pointing to your website.

SEO optimization allows you toincrease its popularity rating with GoogleIt is essential to generate traffic on your website (Read how to optimize the SEO of your e-commerce site?).

Facebook Live, Insta Stories, or the new Shopping feature on Instagram... So many tools to invest in a logic mobile-only to capture the attention of your Internet users, it is essential for the popularity of your e-commerce site to integrate the social media dimension By interacting with your community you maintain your netlinking strategy and bring visibility to your e-commerce.

  • Paid media, why not?

To boost your e-commerce activity, you can use the advertising exhibition purchasedIt is possible to promote your site, an offer or a product with the use of Google Adwords and social networks. Google Adwords generates a sponsored link to drive traffic to your landing page. This service is quite expensive, however. The advantage with social networks is that the advertising inserts are less expensive and you can choose the format that best suits your objectives.

  • Ask your consumers' opinions

Your best argument is the voice of the Internet users. The ratings and comments left by consumers play a decisive role in the purchasing process of future visitorsSo don't hesitate to ask your customers to give you their feedback.

  • Sell in your emails

Emailing generates traffic and conversions, it is one of the most effective channels at your disposal because it is inexpensive and reaches a large audience. By adding a "buy" button directly in your newsletter you even encourage prospects to get involved and perhaps close a sale. Don't hesitate to segment your email lists to send targeted messages related to the specific needs of your Internet users.

  • Use the content generated by your users

User Generated Content (UGC) is the photos, videos and even comments created by consumers in connection with your e-commerce. Visible on the web and social networks, they are growing rapidly and give confidence to Internet users. The chances that they buy are multiplied tenfold and sometimes these contents greatly influence the conversion rate of an e-commerce.

E-marketing trends to follow in 2020

  • The AMP format for mobile pages

It must be said that mobile searches in France and around the world are much more common than computer searches, so Google has experimented with a new mobile format, theMPA (Accelerated Mobile Pages), whose technology aims to speed up the loading of web pages consulted via mobile or tablet.


A large majority of Internet users leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load, this technology seems to be an excellent solution for e-merchants to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible of their visitors on mobile phones.

  • Artificial intelligence

Or ultra-personalization These autonomous systems or chatbots, can learn by themselves and interact with visitors on the web, connected objects and even other Artificial Intelligences... Sometimes we even wonder if we discuss it with a bot or a human... The objective ? Adopt proactive behaviour towards prospectsThe e-merchant will be able to offer products and services that are directly linked to their consumption habits. By making the visitor's shopping experience more fluid, the e-merchant fights against shopping cart abandonment.

  • Voice assistants

« Siri, set the timer for three minutes, please! "Yes, more and more of us are "talking to" our smartphone and more generally to our personal assistants. This is a very important aspect of our lives. s assistance age is marked by the commercialization in 2017 of Google Home or even Alexa Amazon's voice assistantThe deployment of these new tools raises new questions for web marketers about the relevance of their e-commerce site content: the purchase path is no longer only visual and they must be explicit enough to respond to voice commands...

  • Virtual reality

Remember the Pokemon Go phenomenon? Virtual reality and augmented reality have demonstrated the potential they could bring to web marketing. A technology that could well revolutionize mobile shopping and represent vast opportunities in e-commerce. Ikea has taken hold of it by offering to see a product from the catalogue staged here in 3D. Alibaba offers a walk to shop in virtual stores.

And you, what e-experience could you offer your users?

Webmarketing strategies to be rethought around new uses

In general terms, the year 2020 is revolutionizing the uses of the Internet. The key element to remember among these new tools is the fact that they bring us into the era of the predictive marketingE-merchants will have to take it into account in the development of their e-commerce sites and business relationships to anticipate consumer needs much earlier, even before it is expressed.

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