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Reconciling content marketing and brand content in 2020: is it possible?

Reconciling content marketing and brand content in 2020: is it possible?

Content marketing, or content marketing, is a practice born out of a general fed up with traditional marketing. Rather than bombarding consumers with intrusive advertising, content marketing will think about quality content that might be of interest to them. This approach consumer centric indents the brand by rather valuing its expertise through its content. This notion is often confused with brand content, which is more like a "brand". brand centric. In a brand content operation, the brand is put forward, it is an integral part of the proposed content.

Many times, these marketing tactics are pitted against...wrongly. So how can they complement each other? How can content marketing be an efficient content strategy for your SME in 2020? This is what we will see in this article.

What is content marketing and how important is it in 2020?

Content marketing is a strategy that consists of designing and making available high value-added content and on a regular basis to your customers and prospects. Once published on your website or on your social networks, they can be a very good way to attract your target to your business.

The purpose of this content is to educate, entertain or inform a predefined audience on a particular topic related to your offer. On the one hand these contents will testify your expertise in your fieldon the other hand they're gonna drive growth by generating visibility, commitment, loyalty and even new customers. According to Havas Groupin 2019, " 84% consumers expect brands to produce interesting content, with real added value and a differentiating experience ».

Typically, blogs, newsletters, publications developed for social networks are the privileged tools of content marketing. As far as formats are concerned, articles, computer graphics, videos, podcasts, etc. are all content that attract the interest of consumers, as long as they are linked and consistent with your business.

Let's take the example of the brand Naturalia. This organic grocery store produces content that builds commitment, audience loyalty, dialogue and a relationship of trust with its community. And this is thanks to several tools such as ;

It is clear that the brand is strategically positioned in the background. It comes into contact with its consumers in a subtle way by highlighting its contents with high added value.

Why is content marketing so important in 2020?

Traditional marketing has fallen into disuse. Hype and intrusive marketing techniques have tired of making consumers feel that they have no choice. free to choose and inform themselves before proceeding with the purchase. By 2020, all the more so with the unprecedented context of VIDOC-19These same consumers, who have become consumers' actors, are more than ever before. vigilant about the way they consume.

This period of health crisis marks the beginning of major changes in consumption patterns. It would be a serious mistake not to take into account needs and questions of your target. Knowing that it is difficult to attract his attention among the countless contents posted every day. Therefore, the way and the timing of your response will be two determining elements to reach your target.

That's why content marketing is usually part of an overall strategy: inbound marketing, which we invite you to discover in our dedicated article.


What is brand content?

Brand content is defined as any type of of brand-centric content and his promotion. Unlike content marketing, brand content follows an editorial line according to the following three principles:

  • brand positioning,
  • the tone, style and spirit of the brand,
  • storytelling, i.e. telling a story

The idea is to build a strong identity through a narrative story (storytelling) and a universe in which the product or brand is highlighted. This strategy is fundamental to brand content. Through the codes of storytelling, a brand conveys an idea, shows its values and creates emotion.

A short-sighted technique that encourages buying, while content marketing is long-term with the development of a more complicit relationship with the consumer. The consumerist logic therefore takes a back seat.

Let's take the example of a typical case of brand content. Remember in 2018, Elon Musk was propelling a Tesla sports car in space, aboard the Falcon Heavy rocket. A staging followed live by hundreds of thousands of Internet users. Elon Musk had then communicated on his Twitter account: " View from the Space X control base. Apparently, there's a car in orbit around the Earth... ». The CEO brilliantly promoted his two companies, Space X and Tesla, by clearly stating its brand positioning.

Another example of brand content campaign with a company that has managed to brandThe company's reputation is growing and attracting the public's attention: Desperados.

In 2018, the brand's objective was to put its products at the service of consumers. It used three street culture to design nine unique labels. These embroidered patches could be peeled off the bottle to be worn by consumers to personalize their look. According to StrategiesBetween the launch party, the sharing on social networks and the accompanying animations on a popular Parisian spot, the "Desperados Patch Edition" operation would have reached more than 7 million people.

In short, for a brand, brand content is used to :

  • rejuvenate, modernize its image,
  • make its values known,
  • bring visibility,
  • create ambassadors or find them

From brand content to customer content

Customer content marketing, also known as user generated contents, consists of use person-generated content in its marketing strategy. All types of content are taken into account: post Instagram, blog article, customer opinionsblogger tutorials, blogger tutorials... The customer speaks for the brand and promotes it.

Using community-produced content

Nature and Discovery is a French brand aimed at adventurers and enthusiasts of nature, travel and well-being. It has 141K subscribers on Instagram. The brand has decided to to use content already created by its community to fund his account. It's a technique called user generated content. There is little product placement and users contribute to this data collection with the #nature hashtag.

Optimizing your campaigns with UGCs has a double advantage:

  1. Strengthening the link with one's community

Using your customers' opinions is show them off. It's rewarding, they can feel heard and valued. This has the effect of increase their commitment and their loyalty to your brand.

  • Acquire new customers

Just look at your own habits: your website lacks visibility on the web and you want to ask for a diagnosis. A friend has recommended you Staenk, a webmarketing agency (super cool J) in Lyon. Admit that the first thing you're going to do is to view Google reviews posted by your peers...

Well, it turns out that this method is still more effective than content marketing. In 2019, Trustpilot, the world's leading customer recommendation platform, published the results of a study of 1,500 French consumers to find out more about their buying habits on the web. The observation is undeniable: the recommendations of users have a considerable weight in the purchasing process on line.

This study clearly talks about consumer influence. Potential buyers will listen to them more because they consider them more credible than the content produced by the brand itself. Customer content marketing is a way to build on this relationship of trust established between clients.

Web influencers

That's where they were born. the influencers who have since invaded the market. They quickly landed a spot in the top 3 of a marketing strategy of a company.

In addition, this practice allows identify high-potential influencers on your market and get close to it. One obvious example is the young singer (18 years old) Billie Eilish who inflames the networks with his smooth voice and his completely offbeat style. The luxury brand Gucci seized the opportunity to get closer to a very young target.

On the left, the official Nature & Découvertes account, on the right the content produced by consumers who identify the brand and/or use its hashtag.

The key to success: content marketing as a lever for brand content  

All in all, content marketing and brand content are compatible because the two strategies apply to two different territories.

On the one hand the brand content works in the incarnation of a referential universe and conveys the values of a brand consistent with its positioning. On the other hand, content marketing allows to gain visibility, attract an audience of your own and convert it according to the model of the funnel of inbound marketing. For each of the strategies the contents will be very different but complementary.

Case study: cross-functionality and interactions at Leroy Merlin

Let's take the example of the brand Du Côté de Chez Vous created by Leroy Merlin, the do-it-yourself and gardening retailer. In the beginning it was a simple magazine distributed free of charge in shops and then on sale at tobacconists and newsstands. The brand then evolved as a television channel, then into a short TV programme, and finally into a community website.

Macintosh HD:Users:manonperegrin:Desktop:Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 17.12.28.png
On the left, the official Nature & Découvertes account, on the right the content produced by consumers who identify the brand and/or use its hashtag.

Leroy Merlin has succeeded in creating a universe, "Du Côté de Chez Vous", where Internet users are invited to participate in a more than explicit way. The big brand is so far behind on this site it almost looks like he doesn't belong to her.. More than a collective and interactive entertainment, with this brand, Leroy Merlin succeeds in establish a cross-channel dialogue making customer content the heart of its marketing strategy.

The relationship comes alive and the conversation becomes real. In the end.., the UGC contributes to the brand's sales force. At the same time, Leroy merlin continues to work on its brand image and its universe as we can see with this latest TV advertising campaign which has moved you we are sure 😉 .

Advertising Leroy Merlin 2019 - A life to build


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