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What digital strategies for your e-commerce site during Black Friday?

Black Friday is the must-attend event for all e-merchants and internautes ! This event imported from across the Atlantic (which always takes place the day after Thanksgiving) allows the former to benefit from great discounts and the latter to sell their stocks and increase sales.

On the web, in the face of the war of e-merchants competing for the lowest prices and the most beautiful promotions, a good digital strategy is essential to increase its visibility and attract future prospects and clients !

Discover how to manage your webmarketing strategy during black friday: social networks, Google Ads, e-mailing... Many acquisition levers existent pour help you boost your sales.

Beforehand: make an inventory of your inventaire !

Setting up attractive promotions for Black-Friday is fine, but you still have to decide which products vendre ! For that, there are no secrets, it is essential to draw up a precise list of all the goods you have in your possession and determine those you want to get rid of for this black Friday.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask yourself about:

  • Which products do you want to release from your stock ?  
  • What are the costs associated with storing your produits ?

Once you have collected this information, do not hesitate to determine which stock of products you wish to sell during the black-Friday, and whether you are able to meet the needs of Internet users.

Finally, also determine your sales forecasts by calculating the average price per product sold and establishing a quantity of products to be sold, which are valuable in helping you to respond calmly and appropriately to Internet users' requests, and since this is a special occasion where Internet users are on the lookout for good deals, do not hesitate to overestimate these estimates in terms of both generated sales and products sold.

15 days to one month before Black-Friday, conduct a competitive intelligence

Even if you have determined the products you would like to sell and the quantities available in your inventory, it is essential to carry out a precise competitive intelligence that will allow you to subscribe, for example, to your competitors' main newsletters and also to follow their social networks.

This will allow you to know which products and services will be sold by them, as well as their promotional policies, and of course, to get inspired to help you stand out and generate new ones idées !

Finally, do not limit yourself to the main players in your sector, but also to companies in other markets used to setting up promotional strategies for black Friday.

Use e-mailing to adapt your communications to your cible !

E-mailing is a powerful acquisition tool to inform your target audience of upcoming promotions and encourage them to take action, and it offers great opportunities to create communication paths according to your different targets.

Feel free to create " séquences e-mailing " for each of your targets by integrating products and services likely to interest them, exclusive offers, purchasing tips, etc.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of e-mail communications that you can integrate:  

  • Announcements to inform your future customers of upcoming promotions, with the aim of presenting a final selection of products sold on the day.
  • Exclusive offers: Feel free to use black Friday to create unique offers for this event, this will further encourage your target audience to acheter !
  • A countdown: The art of teasing helps to arouse desire and encourage buying, you can create e-mailings 48 hours before black Friday and 24 hours before. Why not create a countdown on the day J  for example?
  • You can also create e-mailing sequences with higher added value content for your target audience, which are less promotional and more qualitative and can also be used to recruit new customers.

Be careful not to send too many emails to your données  database! Don't forget that Internet users already receive a lot of communications from your competitors.

Create Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads is an excellent tool for traffic acquisition and conversion, so be sure to prepare your ads for broadcast on the Google Ads Search and Display network beforehand so that they are broadcast on D-Day. To increase your click rates, we recommend that you include in your ad texts:

  • Action verbs such as " découvrez " ;
  • For example, include keywords such as " offre spéciale " or " offre exclusive ". Of course, the word " black Friday " should also be intégré ;
  • Indicate the delivery terms, in this case if the delivery is free, do not hesitate to contact indiquer ;
  • Promotions made during the black Friday of the type " Jusqu' to 50 % of réduction " ;

You can add ad extensions for all other product categories, shipping costs, etc.

Finally, Google Shopping is also an excellent way to boost sales of your e-commerce site, allowing you to add visuals of the different products sold.

Create optimized landing pages

To create a real customer experience for your e-commerce site and increase your performance, feel free to create landing pages, especially if you have created sponsored ads.

In addition, you can also reuse the year's landings page for future editions of Black Friday.

In order to optimize this page, we recommend that you include the following elements:

  • all products sold during the " black Friday ". As such, the visuals must be attractive and show product scenarios;
  • a title (Title Tag) and a descriptive cost (Description Tag) containing the keywords on which you want to position yourself and allowing you to be well positioned on D-day on the engines of recherches ;  
  • an attractive visual that can be integrated into a banner, for example informing Internet users about black Friday, don't forget to indicate the start and end date of your offer promotionnelle
  • a content (for example a paragraph) allowing you to add other necessary information to your target audience. 

Create stories on social networks

Social networks are great levers for acquiring traffic for your website during Black Friday and feel free to use them to promote your brand and enhance it for your target audience.

For example, stories on different networks such as Instagram can attract customers, the most important thing being to choose a suitable format (boomerang to create a GIF, video etc.) The objective being that the formats chosen are interactive in order to engage Internet users.

Countdown timers can also be used on the Stories creating a sense of urgency around your products.

Another way to sell your products with stories is to integrate product stickers to clearly identify the products on your stories, once users view the stickers, they will be able to discover the product in more detail and buy the product by going directly to your website. this is a way to facilitate the buying process and therefore increase your ventes !

And after the Black-Friday ?

Once the black-Friday is finished, do not hesitate to make a precise assessment of this operation, compare the results obtained with previous years and determine the levers for improvement for future editions.  

During the black-Friday, you certainly had to collect some customer information from new prospects, so don't hesitate to create marketing campaigns for example to target them at upcoming events or promotional offers.

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