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The perception of search engines and Google Adwords in France

To study the use of search engines in France and the perception of Google Adwords adsa study was conducted by IFOP and Ad's up consulting in May 2017.

On a sample representative of the French population of 1013 people, here are the key figures to remember from this study:

  • 93% of interviewees regularly use Google to do research
  • 45% of Internet users who use Google most often click on the sponsored results Google Adwords
  • 26% of Internet users who use Google do not no distinction between the natural and sponsored results
  • 71% of Internet users consider that Google Adwords ads meet their needs

The last study was conducted in 2013Since then, Internet users have tended to be less click on the Adwords adsThis decrease is due to the fact that Internet users have more awareness of online advertisingMost Internet users (71%) think, however, that Adwords ads meet their needs.

To learn more about this study, here is the computer graphics:

Source: Ads'up consulting

à propos de l'auteur.e : Pauline Bourgeois



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