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The Learning Machine, everyday Artificial Intelligence

The Learning Machine, what is it?

We were talking about it, the Machine Learning is more than ever the Digital Marketing trend Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Amazon... Rare are today's major IT (information and technology) companies that do not use Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

For those who are not familiar with the world of Machine Learning or Automatic Learning, it would be defined as follows:

Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence technology that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so.

In other words, it allows a computer to learn from data, allowing it to perform tasks that would be very difficult or impossible to program. 

The Learning Machine today

Artificial intelligence and especially Automatic Learning has today become a part of our daily lives without us even knowing it:

  • Amazon and many e-commerce sites use it to offer products based on your previous searches.
  • Your mailbox that automatically spams certain emails
  • The basis of all virtual assistants (Apple and Siri, Google Home, Alexa for Amazon or Microsoft's Cortana)
  • Your GPS predicting traffic,
  • Social networks that offer the addition of people you might know
  • Search engines adapting the proposed content according to interests or other ...

To quote Andrew Ng, Standford Professor and AI Specialist "Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, I find it very difficult today to imagine a company that will not be transformed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the next few years".

Google is one of the forerunners in the field and now offers the Machine Learning in most of its products. Google Ads is certainly the product that has benefited the most from AI in recent years. All the "smart" options are actually Machine Learning: smart campaigns, automatic auctions, responsive ads, selection of websites or display campaigns, audience creation ...

Even if these options did not immediately meet with unanimous approval, they are now used by all the ASP actors. 

What future for Machine Learning in 2020?

2019 was definitely the year of all records for Machine Learning. Finance, Medicine, Sport, Law, Accounting, Marketing are all sectors that have integrated Machine Learning into their tools. Today, it is estimated that 75% companies have or wish to develop a "Machine Learning" strategy.Big Data”.

The major challenge of 2020 will be to store all the data that represents an extremely high cost for businesses. To give you an idea, since 2016, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created per day. In addition, 90% of the data that exists has been created in only two years.

For this reason, Machine Learning will have to develop in the coming years in order to optimize data collection. While the "Big Data" is reactive by collecting a set of data in order to be able to analyze and process them, the Machine Learning is proactive by having the mission to predict and anticipate. The ML would represent the descendant of the "Big Data" and could become the solution to limit data storage. 

The evolution and deployment of Machine Learning

Until now, ML has remained the domain of large IT companies and some very important other companies. 2020 could now be the year of the democratization of ML through the development of Machine Learning Ops. 

The MLOps combines collaboration and communication between "Data scientists" and companies in order to develop an adapted Learning Machine. This can be through the creation of a simple Chat Bot as well as a complex system. The development of this new business will ensure the implementation of this technology in all companies.

Finally, 2020 will certainly be the year of the development and widespread deployment of Deep Learning, a simple and schematic concept that allows a computer to analyze images and sounds.

This is how a computer was able in 2016 to defeat the world champion in game of go considered to be the most complex game in the world.

You can also find it daily with Facebook and Instagram image analysis for facial recognition and image content, and we saw it last July with the Facebook bug highlighting image recognition.

Facebook image recognition bug

You will have understood it, the The IT world is currently undergoing a major change with the democratization of Artificial Intelligence and more particularly the Machine Learning. While its major players Google, Microsoft, IBM and Facebook have helped develop the concept in recent years, 2020 will certainly be the year of its massive democratization. The Machine Learning offers increasingly precise, adapted and targeted content for Internet users but also major upheavals in all professions.

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