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The SMS extension for Adwords ads finally deployed!

After a few weeks in Beta version in the United States, Google Adwords is deploying its new "Click-to-Message" ad extension to all Adwords accounts, a new feature that allows advertisers to connect directly to mobile users via SMS. 

How does the Adwords messaging extension work?

When the the extension is activatedusers who perform a search on Google can see the SMS icon on To the right of the Adwords adsThey can thus contact verbatim the advertiser by message.


This new extension ofAdwords is free of chargeIt is possible to configure existing adsalready published on the Research Network via the tab "Ad extensions" in Google AdWords.

 "Click-to-Message" also provides greater visibility on research results Google and complements call extension which can be retained, as both functionalities can be coexist.


The Adword messaging extension: a new way to communicate?

In his official blog, Google Adwords explains relevance of such a extensionAccording to the team at Googleshe would respond to a latent need of consumers of communicate with brandsNearly 65 % of Smartphone users reportedly stated that they had already considered to use the SMS in order to contact a company in order to obtain information on a product or service, or to schedule an appointment in person.

The Adword messaging extension explained in a GIF


By pressing "SMS", the user can directly send a message The extension also allows the advertiser to propose adapted and predefined SMS messages in advance, according to requests most recurrentThe user can then modify or expand the default SMS messages to clarify his request.

The limits of the Adwords "Click-to-Message" extension

All of them products and services do not are not suitable for necessarily to this new extension Adwords. On the other hand, for some advertisers, it responds to a latent need to communicate of direct manner Opening hours, means of payment, an appointment, a reservation, are as much of information that can be communicated by SMS thanks to this extension.

To summarize, the functionality "Adwords Click-to-Message is a tool that complements the good old-fashioned call extension However, it should be kept in mind that these two tools do not exactly answer the same needs and targetsIt is therefore important to to analyze the relevance one, the other, or both in your ads Adwords.

However, these two extensions have the same qualities of optimizing the size of the ad, so in addition to the 9 tips to optimize your Adwords campaignyou can now consider this feature for your next announcements!   

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Articles on the extension on the official Google Adwords blog in French and in English.

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