The French Days, a not-to-be-missed e-commerce event made in France

French Days

The French Days is a commercial operation launched for the first time in 2018 by 6 French e-commerce brands. This e-commerce event is inspired by the Black Friday and takes place twice a year, in spring and September. For a limited period of time, e-merchants make special promotions on a selection of products. Get ready for the 2021 edition which will take place from Wednesday 28 April to Monday 3 May 2021 and from Friday 24 September to Monday 27 September 2021. In this article, we tell you everything you need to succeed in your digital communication and boost your online sales during this event.

The French Days: a business lever for e-commerce

The French Days were originally launched by Cdiscount, Rue de Commerce, La Redoute, Boulanger, Fnac-Darty and Showroomprivé. Since then, different brands have chosen to participate or not. 

The French Days take place in two stages during the year: for 5 consecutive days around the 1st of July and the 2nd of May and for 4 consecutive days during the last weekend of September. During this e-commerce event, promotions can go to up to -90 % of discount on a product. 

Consumers can take advantage of the May Bridges to purchase products and services related to recreation, travel and preparing for the upcoming summer vacation. In September, it is an opportunity to finalize back-to-school purchases with cultural products, redecorate and change equipment, etc. 

infography French Days
Increase in daily e-commerce sales during the French Days - source

Boost online sales by adapting its site upstream

Make a precise selection of products 

If you wish to participate in the French Days, you must first of all select products on which you're going to apply promotions. Above all, check the status of your inventory. Favour a small selection of products with a high reduction that a large number of products with a small discount percentage. Indeed, in order to feel like buying, the consumer must feel that he is getting a good deal. 

Optimize your product sheets

Clear and neat product sheets make Internet users want to buy. Also, optimize the contentof your product sheets, detail the features by adapting the writing to SEO best practices and add relevant visuals to provoke the act of purchase. 

Enhancing the user experience and shopping tunnel

The French Days only last a few days, so you should encourage your visitors to take advantage of the promotions. To do this, the user experience and the way to the shopping tunnel must be facilitated as much as possible. Finally, check the elements that slow down the site and compress your visuals to optimize loading time pages. 

tunnel d'purchase

Optimize mobile and tablet navigation 

The navigation on your e-shop must be responsive. Test your site and check that your content, images, menus, product sheets are correctly displayed on mobile and tablet devices. 

Teasing the event via a multi-channel communication strategy 

A few days before the event, you can set up a banner ad with a countdown timer to let your customers know you're participating in the French Days.

French Days countdown
French Days Countdown - source

Dress up your e-commerce site in the colours of the French Days 

On your site, highlight the colours of the event: blue, white-red. To do so, create adapted visuals. Dedicate a special category to the French Days to link all the products of the event. On the homepage, create a slider with a link to the dedicated category. 

Set up an e-mailing campaign 

Launch e-mailing campaigns to notify your customer and prospect database that you are participating in the French Days. Adopt a teasing strategy of the event: you will send several e-mails, a few days apart to announce, remind, incite your consumers to make a purchase. Work on your email objects to click and highlight promotions in time limit incentive. Feel free to send several e-mails before and during the event.

example e-mailing French Days
E-mailing campaign - source

Communicate to your customers by SMS

SMS has a best opening rate than emailing. Indeed, they are not drowned in a flood of e-mails. Announce your promotions to your customers by SMS and insert a link to your online shop. Insist on the notion of urgency to encourage your customers and prospects to take advantage of the online offer. Don't forget the SMS reminder the day before the launch of the French Days. 

SMS campaign French Days
SMS Campaign - source

Target prospects via Google Ads campaigns

Your website must be visible in Google results on the French Days 2020 query. It must also appear when the user searches for the keyword "French Days" and the keyword of the product being promoted, e.g. "French Days washing machine". Write relevant ad texts for Differentiate yourself from the competition and encourage clicking on your ads.

Creating engagement on social networks

The French Days are an opportunity to make the buzz on social networks. Mobilize your community around this e-commerce event. For example, offer your community to take part in your competitionand win one of your products or a discount voucher on your online shop for example. Create Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads campaigns and expand your audience to boost your online sales at the event and gain notoriety.

Adapt your speech and reassure the consumer

Once attracted to your site and seduced by the promotion and the product, the consumer must feel confident to proceed to the act of purchase. To do this, adapt your site's discourse to lift any hindrance for purchase. Make the information clear and accessible, highlight your delivery times and costs, and explain your return, exchange and refund policy. Your customers and prospects should feel reassured and know that they can easily return or exchange the product if they wish. 


For an online sales site, the French Days are a tremendous business opportunity and stand out from the competition. We advise you to implement a multi-channel strategy to reach a wider audience. Finally, to generate commitment, your marketing actions must mobilizeyour community at this unmissable e-commerce event. 


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