How to quickly gain visibility for Mother's Day?

Boosting online visibility for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a key date in chestnut marketing to make sales and win new customers. Indeed, according to a study by the LSAmore than 60 % some French people give their mothers a gift for the occasion. For e-commerce, it is essential to choose the right communication channels to gain visibility quickly on the event and highlight your marketing actions. In this article, we take stock of the marketing actions to be carried out for this e-commerce event. 

Prepare the communication plan 

Several key criteria will need to be taken into account: 

  • what timing : choose to communicate well in advance or on the contrary to rely on last-minute communication via a limited offer? 
  • frequency of sending: opt for repetition of the message or bet on a single sending? 
  • product offer: which product selection to highlight? Should we opt for limited editions? 
Mother's Day storytelling

Creating a storytelling for Mother's Day

To convince your customers and prospects to buy your products on Mother's Day, you need to produce and send them content they like and want to buy. Most customers like inspiring stories that make them dream or travel. Storytelling helps to establish a strong bond with its customers and to build loyalty. 

Adapt your Google Ads strategy

To boost sales and strengthen your web marketing strategy for Mother's Day, we advise you to adapt your Google Ads strategy. The goal is to gain visibility quickly about this event. To do this, you must allocate a sufficient budget so that your ads are streamed. By adapting your bidding strategy and targeting for this e-commerce event, you will be able to convert the audiences interested in the event. The goal is to ensure a optimum budget allocation on your bids by making them evolve according to demand. 

We advise you to use the Google Keyword Planning tool to target the keywords to work in your ads and reach and convert the targeted audience. Integrate these keywords in your Google Ads and also in the content of your site to enhance SEO of the site on these keywords. 

By working these keywords into your content, you will be able to respond to the demand and guide users by providing insights that will please their mommy and lead them to your products. 

Optimize your Google Shopping strategy

Optimize your Google Shopping ads by focusing on intelligent Google Shopping campaigns via the bidding strategy". maximizing conversion value". using better targeting to capture the demands associated with Mother's Day. This will allow you to target Internet users with a strong intention to purchase for this e-commerce event. The ROAS system will allow you to adapt to variations in demand. 

Do not hesitate to consult our article on sales to boost your online sales during this period. Read more here.

Engage your audiences in an effective & original way on social networks 

To boost your online sales, the digital content you produce must appeal to your audience. Either way, your community has to like the content you produce and it has to like your audience. interact with you. For this, we advise you to think about original content for example : 

  • organise a competition to publish a mother-child photo and win a gift from the brand
  • propose a competition where the prize to be won is to offer to his mother 

Conveying emotion with hashtags 

Mother's Day is a great opportunity to create emotion and share it on social networks. For this to be effective, nothing better than using hashtags, for example #love and #amour. When two brands have an equal positioning, with aligned prices and a quality offer, emotion branded makes all the difference. 

To be consistent with the event on all supports 

Before you start creating and sending e-mailings, and also publications on social networks, we advise you to adapt your website. Indeed, there must be a consistency across all digital mediax, in connection with the Mother's Day event. 

Finally, in your digital strategy you must prioritize mobile navigation in your strategy, 71 % of Internet users will make a decision following their searches via their phone.

Create an SMS campaign for last minute purchases

The SMS is a digital tool of great efficiency, with an opening rate of 95 %. Sending an SMS campaign will allow you to quickly spread your exceptional offers on Mother's Day. It is also the ideal tool for prompt last-minute purchase : the day before the e-commerce event by proposing a last minute gift idea with a special offer. 

To help you create an effective SMS campaign, here are some tips: 

  • the offer must be clear and make you want 
  • customize the sender's name
  • no more than 160 characters to make a simple and direct offer
  • insert the link to your site 
  • choose the right timing: 1 week before, at the last minute, etc.
  • you cannot send text messages between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. and on weekends and public holidays 

Opt for an impactful e-mailing campaign

Personalize the subject of your Mother's Day email to make the user want to click. Your e-mail should highlight the exceptional offer that you are proposing for Mother's Day as well as the fixed term. To help your client or prospect make his choice, give him advice and send him gift tips. Don't forget to think in terms of loyalty to take care of your most loyal customers. You can offer them a personalised offer, especially to those who have your loyalty card for example. 


To make the Mother's Day event a success in terms of sales, make sure you target your audience by using adapted tools that allow you to gain visibility quickly about this event. Broadcast important messages, visuals and consistent aesthetics on all your communication media and share the emotion. Mother's Day is not an e-commerce event like any other: you need to make it unforgettable and attractive to convince your target audience to buy their gift from your brand. 


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