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How to choose a webmarketing agency?

It is difficult today to operate in a non-competitive sector, so if you do, take advantage of it, because for most companies, visibility and presence on the web are essential. So what could be better than a webmarting agency to help you develop them? with a complete and multidisciplinary team, powerful digital analysis and automation tools, as well as a real entrepreneurial dynamic, it is essential to your strategyBetween efficiency, skills and feeling, here are some keys to a successful choice of enlightened digital agency.

Define specific objectives

For your promotion, your visibility and to stand out from the competition, you have chosen to use a web marketing agency, but because these agencies are numerous and their fields of expertise varied, how to make the right choice?

Start by clarifying your objectives. your needs and expectations ? What are the goals you want to achieve with the help of a digital agency? define your web presencepresent and future, as well as the your customers' desiresbefore choosing a webmarketing agency.

Establish a millimetre budget

Any service of a webmarketinga web agency a costWhatever your needs, you may be willing to spend a certain amount, but not necessarily exceed it, and this range will also allow the agencies you have selected to position themselves.

For effective reflection, keep in mind thaturgency of your need and your level of requirement will particularly drive up prices.

It should be noted, however, that the tariff should not be the only determining factor in the choice of your digital agency, because a certain flexibility will sometimes allow you to benefit from a tailor-made accompaniment and a real understanding of your expectations, from a partner team dedicated to your project.

List the services offered

The digital agency, like any other service provider, offers specific skills and generally, several areas of expertiseIt may therefore be interesting to find out about the specific services offered by the digital agencies you wish to compete with:

  • Different types of marketing strategies set up according to the market, customers and competition
  • Audience analysis
  • Implementation of advertising strategies on the various social networks, SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • Website redesignespecially in terms of design
  • Natural and paid referencing to increase traffic and visibility of the site on the first page of search engines
  • Different web programming languages usedMastered and promoted: HTML, PHP, MySQL, Java, CSS....

Once this information has been collected and your marketing strategy objectives have been defined, you will be in a better position to choose a digital agency that meets your needs.

5 essential questions to ask

Once your selection process has begun, you can draw up a list of several questions to ask all the agencies in the competition, which will give you a more precise idea of the professionals you are addressing.

What is his experience?

There are several ways to control the experience of a webmarketing agencyVisit her website, "About" page, Linkedin profile and possibly other social network accounts to see if she has a portfolio, or take the time to read customer reviews and feedback; your vision will be all the more accurate. 

2. what are its specialities?

Depending on the team, it is common for an agency to have one or more specializations, which may be linked to the content marketingto the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to SMO (Social Media Optimization), at SEA (Search Engine Advertising) or at PPC (Pay Per Click), it all depends on what you're looking for.

3. how is reporting managed?

The digital agency with which you will collaborate will regularly send you its advanced and its performance compared to your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator.) But in what form and how often? Will his performance reports be sent to you by email? Will you be invited to a meeting? Will it be held monthly or quarterly? 

What return on investment can you achieve at espérer ?

ROI (Return On Investment) is an essential data for your company, is the webmarketing agency able to make a clear projection of your objectives for entreprise ? what return are you entitled to expect and especially within what time frame?

Does it use subcontracting?

Perhaps you are opposed to some data being outsourced by the digital agency you have chosen, or perhaps you simply want to find out about the composition of the teams that will be involved in your project, but in any case, outsourcing can represent a major challenge. considerable advantageas long as the providers are carefully selected.

Rely on your feelings and take into account the agency's reputation

The best way to enjoy a fruitful collaboration is to focus on regular and sustainable exchangesIndeed, it is by knowing your processes and expectations that the choice of your digital agency will become relevant.

If, at the first meeting, the feeling is bad, if there are misunderstandings or if you don't feel listened to, don't insist. webmarketing like all the other branches of digital requires trust and understanding in order to find the right solutions, on a case-by-case basis.

Another possibility is to find out about the reputation of the agencyWho are his customers? Are they satisfied with recommander ? Would they trust him for a new contract? So much data that will allow you to appreciate more instinctively, your relationship with your webmarketing agency.

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