How to optimize your digital strategy for Christmas?

digital strategy Christmas

Halloween has only just been completed that you already have a new digital strategy for Christmas. Indeed, this unmissable annual event for e-commerce sites is a joyous occasion to boost sales. So, how to gain visibility on the web to attract traffic to your site and convert at this time? We tell you everything in this article. 

Christmas: an e-commerce event with a long term perspective

The end of the year period is very rich in e-commerce initiatives, so it's a matter of starting your digital strategy as soon as possible. Do a retroplanning with the major e-commerce events at the end of the year: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, French Days, and Halloween. 

Key figures for e-commerce in this period

On average, Christmas-related purchases account for 20 % of turnover annual e-merchant's annual e-merchant's annual e-merchant's annual e-merchant's annual. Indeed, the average budget of French people dedicated to Christmas shopping exceeds €570: that's why one French person out of 3 saves throughout the year. In 2018, the under-35s spent €367 compared to €701 on average for those aged 50 and over. 

In 2018, 29 % of the French began Christmas shopping in October. In total, this is 1 French person out of 5 which buys its Christmas gifts exclusively online, including those under 35 (27 %) and CSP+ (24 %). Source Prestashop

Understand and analyze the consumption habits of its customers

To best target your customers, put yourself in your customers' shoes and analyse their different needs and expectations. shopping trip and their habits. To do this, check the Google Analytics KPIs and ask yourself what makes visitors stay on your pages or on the contrary why they abandon their shopping cart.

Focus on festive and inclusive content 

Christmas at a special time of the year, but also think of your customers who don't share this tradition and remember to include them in your communications. Create visuals festive and catchyYou will be able to use it on your website as well as in your e-mailings. We advise you to favour interactive e-mails to make your prospects and customers want to go to your site and buy. Here are a few ideas to put in place to communicate in a fun way at this time: 

Make an Advent calendar on your networks

The Advent calendar has the advantage of offering a daily appointment with your community. With this nice animation, the customers who follow you on the networks are mobilized to come back each day of December to your accounts and your site. This initiative is therefore a powerful motivator. If there are ready-made applications for this initiative, nothing better than customizing your own posts to humanize your brand and present your products in a playful way. 

Revisit the wishlist to Santa Claus

To boost your sales during the holiday season, revisit THE great Christmas classic, the Santa Claus list. Propose to your community to fill their whishlist on your site and draw a big winner a few days before Christmas.

Create your own hashtag 

It is essential that you integrate everyone in your communications. To do this, be inclusive and don't just address a 100 % #Noel2020 communication, but work your communication around an more neutral conceptwith hashtags of the type: #IdeGifts and 1TP3Offers. We also advise you to create your own hashtag so that your customers can use your products directly on social networks. You can be inspired by trendy hashtags such as #Be Christmas Soon, #Christmas gifts, #Shopping Christmas, #OffersChristmas, #C gifts, #Subject to the Fir Tree and #WishList. 

e-commerce event christmas

Update your ASP campaigns to take advantage of the Christmas season 

Keep in mind that consumers are on the lookout for ideas and the best gifts for Christmas. You should therefore take advantage of this opportunity to launch, if you haven't already done so, paid advertising campaigns, whether through your AdWords ads or Google Shopping ads. Write relevant announcements by integrating Christmas codes and consistent hashtags, as we saw earlier. Feel free to also promote your original initiatives during this period, for example if you launch an online advent calendar or organise a competition during this period. 

Accompanying your customers right up to the point of purchase 

Writing a complete FAQ to anticipate the Christmas rush 

In order to boost your sales during this period, it is important to remove any possible obstacles to buying. To do this, spread the right information and anticipate all the questions of your prospects and customers. In addition, by preparing a FAQ in which you anticipate all possible problems, you save time on the Christmas rush and avoid having to deal with them on a case-by-case basis: your FAQ is there to answer them. 

Setting up a chatbot 

To accompany your customers all the way to the purchase and give them the feeling that they are being personally advised, even online, you can set up a chatboteither on your site or also on Messenger. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss product information with your customers, especially regarding availability. A sense of urgency can help your prospects to make a purchase. 

Holiday season lasts until January. 

A key point to keep in mind: the Christmas e-commerce event does not only take place from December 1st to 25th. In fact, figures show that the French spend up to 243 € for new resolutionss at the beginning of the year. Indeed, you have to think about the new arrivals received at this period, which will allow you to sell off the stocks at the end of the year. Make sure you keep the dialogue going by launching communications such as: "Post-Christmas sales" or "Last minute promotions".

Analyze and measure the impact of your Christmas initiatives

Whatever digital initiatives you decided to put in place at that time, it is now essential to measuringr the ROI. Ask yourself concretely what the impact of your digital communications is on your monthly and annual turnover. 


Christmas is a golden opportunity to let your creativity speak for itself in order to boost online sales. In fact, standing out from your competitors around a festive and inclusive communication will allow you to retain your target or even capture a new one. Finally, be sure to prepare your communication strategy upstream to gather your customers around your products and boost your online sales when the time comes. 


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