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Evaluate the effectiveness of an Adwords Research Network campaign

Knowing the most relevant performance indicators makes it possible to effectively measure the impact of these web marketing campaigns. Adwords Research Networkit is all the more important to know all these elements of analysis, in order to optimize them as best as possible over time.

Why evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign? Research Network Adwords

"Having the right measurement indicators allows you to improve profitability and performance more quickly".

Yes, in analysing as precisely as possible your campaign, you will better understand it and thus be able to improve its performance.

First, to effectively measure a webmarketing campaignIt is therefore very important to think carefully about the purpose of your webmarketing actions, in order to challenge you on the statistics that will allow you toachieve your objectives.

Two words about the Google Adwords Search Network

Google Adwords (Google's advertising network), allows you to broadcast your ads on several types of networks such as the Display Network, Google Shopping, Video advertising platform (Youtube) or the Research Network.

Among the types of campaigns available with Google Adwordsthe campaign Research Network is one of the most widely used.

You don't know what it is? But if, you know, it's the ads that are played when you do a search on Google The results of this campaigning will appear at the top or bottom of the results pages.


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Ads are associated with search results pages based on terms or phrases entered by the user, so they appear when users search for terms that are relevant to the keywords you have associated with your ads.

Evaluate the performance of campaigns on the Adwords Research Network

You have created your Adwords campaign and it is being distributed, the next step is to evaluate its performance.

Advertising performance

The performance of the ad is a clever mix of several criteria.

  • First of all, there is the click rate (CTR)This is the percentage of people who clicked on your ad after seeing it, and we recommend that you monitor this indicator with the greatest interest in your ads, but also in your keywords, so that you cananalyze if your campaigning arouses the interest of users.
  • Then you can inspect the indicator on theState of your ad. It allows you to see if it is well distributed.
  • Finally, think about taking a look at the medium position to find out the location of your ad on the Google search results page. positions 1 to 4 mean you will be in the first results of Google.

If you have several ads in the same ad groupyou may find that some of the announcements In this case, improve or monitor ads that do not work well, in order to prioritize the budget over those that work best.

Keyword performance 

The keyword performance is measured mainly by two indicators:

  • L’Statewhich allows you to know which keywords trigger the diffusion of your ads
  • Benchmarking quality levelGenerally, the higher the quality level, the lower the costs and the higher the position of the ad, and the more relevant your ads, keywords and landing page are to the user who is viewing your ad.

To measure the performance of your keywords, you can also take a look at the reports of the search termsto obtain a list of the exact search queries that triggered the broadcast of your ads.

Performance of the page of landing (landing page)

The performance of the landing page is mainly measured by the conversion rate. It represents the average number of conversions that result from each click on an ad, indicated in percentage.

A conversion is carried out when an Internet user visits your site thanks to your ad, then takes an action that you consider relevant for your activity and that you have defined upstream, this action can be a purchase, the completion of a contact form for example.

All the indicators we have mentioned will allow you to better evaluate the performance of your campaign Adwords Research Network.

Here is a correction of the indicators to be evaluated

Analyze the performance of your Google Adwords Search Network campaign.

computer graphics-measurement/performance-campaign-webmarketing3-v2-2

The Research Network Google Adwords We have summarized the main points here, but Adwords provides access to many other information that is just as interesting to know in order to analyze more in-depth the quality of your ads.

For most websites, developing your notoriety and audience on the web is an essential step in attracting new customers. Research Network is one of the major levers, but you can also use other types of webmarketing campaignsIn the end, you will be able to significantly increase the flow of Internet users and increase your sales.

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