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What is webmarketing? Definition, Business, Companies & tips

Webmarketing strategy, digital marketing, webmarketing consulting, the term has been used for some time now, but what is it really about? what does this rather vague notion of webmarketing encompass? far from the beginnings of the first websites, companies are now engaging in more offensive and intelligent approaches to face tough competition.

What's webmarketing, by the way?

The definition of webmarketing or web marketing (or digital marketing in English) is quite simple. It consists of giving visibility to a brand on the web, which translates into increased traffic, contacts / leads and sales. It also integrates a company's traditional marketing strategy, because a company's presence on the Internet has become totally inevitable. Web marketing aims to increase the qualified traffic of a site. In other words, it is necessary to succeed in attracting prospects who will potentially become new customers or fervent ambassadors of a brand. Wikipedia gives us additional information on the definition of the word.

How to do web-marketing?

It is about using the various digital tools to make its brand accessible on the web, but also more attractive than its competitors. A good webmarketing strategy involves :

  • The design of a well structured, ergonomic and informative website
  • The regular addition of quality web pages or texts to make the website more dynamic
  • Interaction with the target audience (newsletter, comments left by users, possibility to share a page on social networks).
  • The use of numerous marketing levers / channels such as natural referencing (SEO), paid referencing (SEA), community management, emailing, social ads, influence marketing or display marketing to name only the most profitable.

The marketing strategy works as much inbound as outbound actions, since it is no longer enough to bring people to a web page, but that exchanges are made in both directions and trigger sales and marketing messages. by using webmarketing, the company seeks to build a broad base of prospects, to offer a positive image that has an impact, but also to build customer loyalty.

marketing and webmarketing

Dynamic digital marketing

Webmarketing is not limited to one-sided marketing. It integrates a real exchange with the public who becomes an actor of the commercial approach. By relaying one of the publications, sharing a funny photo or talking about the brand to friends, the prospect becomes an ambassador for the company. This is how the web marketing or marketing of influencers developed. Companies have changed advertising techniques by encouraging influencers to talk about their products or services through video or article publications.

To interest by providing relevant information

Forget about the old web marketing techniques that used to use filling to produce content detected by Googlebots (robots that analyze content for Google), with the exponential development of websites, search engines have become very demanding and natural referencing imposes precise constraints to appear in the first results of search engine pages, because it is here that the problem lies!

A person who launches a search on the Internet will only consult the first three or four sites proposed, so you must be one of them and then succeed in keeping the prospect's attention, so the content proposed by the site must be informative and offer real added value to the search, and the writing of articles that are well constructed, documented and meet the criteria for selecting search engines is a real asset.

Positioning yourself as an expert in your theme

The company that engages in a web marketing strategy must establish itself as an expert in its field, the content must be selected to provide accurate and precise information, and the media must be varied by creating computer graphics, introducing games or distributing visual content, all published content must be simply shareable on the various social networks, and the actions of the web marketing strategy must all achieve the goal of making the company visible by sending the right message to the right audience.

The steps of webmarketing

For beginners in web marketing, it is possible to summarize this digital strategy in three main steps:

  • Attractiveness: prospects must visit the company's website, which is why it is essential to precisely target the audience that the company wants to reach and to produce quality content that arouses their curiosity.
  • Conversion: At this stage, the web marketing strategy invites the prospect to act, whether it is a form, a contact or an evaluation, with the conversion rate, the public's interest in the proposed content is assessed, and attention must also be paid to the rebound rate, if it is too high, it may indicate that the content is not interesting or clear, and the web marketing strategy must be reworked.
  • Dissemination: by satisfying a prospect or customer, the company attracts the goodwill of this user, so it is advisable to set up reward, sponsorship or user satisfaction systems.

Some ideas for a good webmarketing strategy?

Web marketing campaigns are as diverse as the number of companies that implement them, the important thing is to customize them as much as possible so that they are really effective, and the prices of a web marketing campaign are very varied and are adapted according to the demands, but here are some tips to boost the digital marketing strategy:

  • Choose the social networks that will be the most appropriate for the company: we select them according to the audience we want to reach, but also according to the media we want to use.
  • Create a blog that will be regularly updated: the more rich, well documented and enjoyable the blog, the more qualified it will be as a vehicle for traffic, the more the company publishes articles that reflect its values and commitments, the ideal medium to showcase a craftsman who is making a product or a team working on the design of a new project, the more likely it is to bring the prospect into the company's universe and initiate an authentic and lasting relationship.
  • Create search engine advertising campaigns such as Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu.
  • Launch a personalized emailing campaign: customers like to receive a mail specially designed for them with a promotional offer for an interesting product.
  • Remarketing or retargeting strategies are also key. You can implement these campaigns through various channels such as search engines, social networks, e-mails or even SMS.
  • Check e-reputation and be responsive: customer satisfaction is the main challenge, so you have to listen to dissatisfied customers and reduce the impact of company malfunctions, because a dissatisfied customer has a much greater impact than a satisfied customer.
  • Another track is also the webmarketing training to become a webmarketing expert, you can acquire skills at the ICC for example, or with agencies that are training organizations.

A webmarketing strategy has become essential to remain effective in a digital world where competition is ruthless! Call on quality webmarketing service providers or the first one to do so. webmarketing agency of France 🙂

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