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I fell in love with food supplements on Instagram: deciphering (very) good wellness marketing and what to remember about it.

What is Cuure?

Cuure is a "box of supplements customized to your needs" as they like to describe themselves on their website. The concept: food supplements adapted to your person that are sent directly to you at home, every month. It all starts with a questionnaire to be filled in about you, after which you are provided with a personal diagnosis of your supplement cure.

Useful and necessary purchase or completely compulsive? I don't know about that yet. But, as it has been pointed out to me, I could have done a search on the internet, diagnosed myself and bought Juvamine in a supermarket for a lower price. No, I got caught in a very well constructed conversion tunnel. And that's the magic of marketing 🙂.

The secrets of a successful marketing model

#1: A social networking strategy with small onions 

I got to know Cuure through social mediaI was browsing Instagram when all of a sudden, a sponsored photo appeared in my news feed. I was drawn to it, looked at the brand's feed and, wow! I was immediately struck by the aesthetics of it. I then took a look at their publications, their concept, I subscribed and the rest is history.

What can we take away from this Instagram bet?

Social networking, yes, it converts! With:

  • A real strategy, 
  • A consistent presence, 
  • A solid editorial line, 
  • Successful targeting, 
  • A lot of aestheticism (more or less true depending on the target), 
  • Storytelling,

Sky is the limit! A little extra: the brand is very good at remarketing and constantly reminds its product by a regular presence in the news feed of its audience.

#2: More than a product, a service!

When you study Cuure's marketing, you can see that the brand is positioned more as a service than as a simple product. Cuure is not just a supplement to be swallowed with a glass of water every morning: it is a solution, a ritual that accompanies you every morning to keep your energy up and develop yourself. It is a habit that helps you in some ways to become the best version of yourself - a good-mood recipe that is finally in tune with the times. You feel less guilty about investing in your well-being than in yet another piece of clothing, don't you? 😉

Home page of the Cuure site

Why focus on service?

A strong identity, values, a promise: this is what will potentially differentiate a brand from another, and bring it real added value. Here we promote what wants the target. More than just a dietary supplement, more than energy gain, the cuurist aspires to a life at its best and sweetened.

#3: A personalised (and therefore premium) offer

Cuure's recipe for success is certainly the fact that two of their customers will not benefit from the same offer: each of them is offered a mix of 2 to 6 supplements among the 17 in their range, all of which correspond to a specific need. 

How is the diagnosis made? Through a quick and free online test that will allow Cuure to "prescribe" suitable supplements for you. And the personalisation doesn't stop there: once your order arrives, your little packet arrives with (I'll give it to you in a thousand) your name on it! Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

Why customize?

This is a very good example of one-to-one marketing.

  • The online test: an interactive, practical and fun tool that gives a concrete and personalized answer. 
  • The "Bonjour Marie" and the different little sentence on each bag give the impression that a gift is addressed to us every day.
  • Customer service is present: through regular (but not untimely) emails, the customer service department comes to the news, which gives the feeling that a personal follow-up of the cure is in place.

#4: BONUS: Special operations to delight customers

Recently, I received an email from them. For Christmas, several lucky Cuure customers in December had the chance to receive a gift in their box. Very strong to strengthen the craze and build loyalty.

But what more could they do?

That's the question I asked myself and I thought of three improvements.

  • Building loyalty: a dedicated application

How can the brand succeed in becoming a real life assistant? In my humble opinion, through a personal monitoring tool. Imagine: every morning, a notification to remind you to take your cure. Every evening, a notification at your preferred time reminding you to note down your day on several points (energy, stress, ...) and allowing you to follow the evolution of these notes over the weeks. Then a monthly assessment of the Cuure with figures (+25% of sleep! Boom!). 

  • To broaden their clientele: the possibility of offering a subscription as a gift

Subscriptions are becoming more and more popular as a gift, so why not give a complementary box as a present?

  • To adapt to its customers' new consumption style: a more environmentally friendly offering

30 small sachets for each day of the month is not the most eco-responsible solution and this solution could be discouraging. When will a Cuure with a slightly lower impact on the planet be available?

In short, my general feeling: we have an interesting product, a promising sector and a marketing strategy that is largely up to scratch. Targeting, attraction-conversion or loyalty, Cuure uses inventive and advanced strategies.

In my opinion, the lesson to be learned is that: 1- brand identity is crucial, 2- marketing is a global approach serving both the user's needs and his buying experience. In any case, I can't wait to see the next big changes in the brand!

à propos de l'auteur.e : Marie Lehner

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