Create an Efficient Landing Page to Convert a Max.

Create a landing page

Your marketing plan is launched, but time goes by and you notice with horror that the conversions of your landing page are not at all good... Unlike a normal website page, a landing page is built for convert a visitor and make contact. After reading this article, you'll know exactly how create an efficient landing page to convert a maximum of of Internet users! Here are 6 tested and approved tips.

Have a clear value proposition

For set oneself apart from the competition and facilitate the purchasing process of your visitors, your value proposition must be clear, sharp and precise! In a few seconds, the Internet user must understand which services/products you offer. For define your value propositionyou must have a perfect knowledge:

  • of assets of your offer;
  • from positioning of your competitors;
  • of reasons for which your customers have been seduced by your brand.

Also, to make it easier for the web user to understand, think about integrating several elements into your landing page:

  • a headline ;
  • a reinforcing subtitlewhich is often complementary to the title ;
  • a curious text of the reader;
  • a summary key points that will encourage Internet users to leave their email address!

Take care of your paid and natural referencing

Paid and natural referencing

In order to maximize its paid and natural referencing in search engines, it is essential to create an optimized landing page ! For this, you will have to choose strategic keywords by structuring the content of your landing page. Also, associating your landing page with the implementation of a Adwords campaign will allow you to target visitors looking for an offer similar to yours! 

Your brand will thus put all the chances on its side for generate qualified leads and effectively optimize its conversion rate. However, let's be clear: even with a triumphant entry on the first page of Google, if the Internet user is not convinced by your landing page... it's a failure!
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Create an impactful offer

So for create an efficient landing page that convertsDon't neglect the content! Many marketers will tell you: there are finally very few compulsive buying. It's pretty rare for someone to buy something right after they spot it. First we're going to have to prove that his product is the bestand reassure his prospects! So what could be better than offer high value-added content ? It's also called a tripwire

14-day trial, computer graphics, e-book, white paper, webinar... Propose offers that meet the needs of consumers! With this trick, optimize the conversion rate of a landing page has never been easier. You will collect more quickly an email address and/or a cookie that will allow you to make the follow-up email or the remarketing -advertising! 

Adding reinsurance elements

Put yourself in the Internet user's shoes. You spot a product on the internet with a very good description and an impeccable visual. Everything seems to please you, but you wonder if this product really meets your needs... The first reflex? Consult the notices ! You then check the conformity and quality of the product, the delivery, etc. Once reassured, you proceed to the purchase!

You need to have exactly the same philosophy with your landing page. Adapt the reengagement model to your business and propose elements that will have the effect of reassure the user and induce purchase. Be proactive and integrate into your landing page of the reinsurance elements such as: 

  • video testimonials - or no videos- ;
  • a contact form ;
  • a customer service number;
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ;
  • a rating with opinion aggregators such as Trustpilot or Audited Opinions.

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Remove the navigation menu

For convert a maximum thanks to an efficient landing pageIf you want to be able to keep your visitor's attention - and interest - at all costs! This is why, remove the navigation menu of your website is often a paying strategy. It may seem uncommon, but don't be mistaken. The majority of marketers remove the navigation menu from their sales page.. There are two possible outcomes: 

  1. The Internet user is converted.
  2. The user leaves the page! 

Keep in mind that the fewer alternatives you offer, the more we will focus on your product. This is a very powerful technique and it couldn't be easier to maximize its conversion rate

Optimize call-to-action

Call to action

The Art ofinspire visitors to take actionDoes that mean anything to you? If you want a web user to do something on your site, ask him/her! Indicate directly with call-to-action (CTA) what he needs to do. The more you orient him, the more he'll understand. So rather than writing "Buy" or "Find out more", prefer call-to-action calls such as "" or "". Download "or" Take advantage of a 14-day trial ». 

Here are some other tips for Boost the conversions of its landing page thanks to the CTAs:

  • Prefer imagesmore visible than plain text! Don't forget to fill in the Alt tag to optimize SEO.
  • Use action verbs: it's always better to take action, isn't it?
  • Create a sense of urgency: use time terms or mean that your offer is rare!
  • Choose impactful colors : use orange, red and green. These three colours are known to have the best conversion rate.
  • Place your CTA above the waterline.  

To create an efficient landing page and convert a maximum of emphasize the benefits and advantages of your solution! This way you play on your visitor's subconscious. The clearer your landing page will be, the more likely the visitor will convert. Being customer-focusedIt's still working ! 

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