Copywriting, or how to write texts that sell!

Writing texts that sell with copywriting

Copywriting in a nutshell, it's the art ofpersuasive writing. All the content creators who have made inroads on the web in the last few years have copywriting basics. Some are literally master copywriters ! This advertising copywriting technique is particularly used for have sales pages that convert moreand audio and video content that engage the audience. Find out more at copywrite his texts is therefore an indispensable skill! There are probably hundreds of techniques to improve your writing...but among them, here are the four biggest ones copywriter secrets in order to write texts that sell !

Addressing the reader to convince him or her

It is a universal psychological principle: if you want to interest your readers, talk about them! Your texts should always be oriented towards the "you" or the "you", and the use of the "I" should be avoided.

The question of vouvoiement or tutoiement is secondary: it will depend on the theme and the personality of each person. The most important is todirect its content to the readerhis problems and the solutions he expects, rather than to his own story. 

As an example, you can introduce a text like this: "In this article, you will discover how to improve your copywriting easily ", rather than " One day I wanted to improve the copywriting of my sales page but this happened to me... ".

On the one hand, you present your reader with a solution and a methodology to learn copywritingOn the other hand, you talk about yourself, which will probably not interest the reader. Because at the end of the day in business, it's all about the customer!

That's why using the "you" is very powerful. Notice how often the Apple brand speaks to you when describing the Touch Bar :

You can also make your writing more lively by talking to the reader, using phrases such as "Guess what", "In your opinion? ", "I'll explain it to you."

These kinds of little words inserted in your paragraphs will not only punctuate the content, but will create a kind of virtual conversation where the reader will feel as if they are being spoken to.

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Keep the pace for copywriting!

To keep a player on the edge of its seat, you need to pace your content. You can associate thepersuasive writing to rock'n'roll! The top copywriters use breaks and raises to keep a reader interested:

  • Do not write "For copywrite there are three secrets, and I'm going to show them to you! ». Write down "Here's how start in copywriting. There are three secrets. I'll show them to you. ». The message is the same, the words too. But you notice right away that one of the speeches has more impact than the other!
  • Break paragraphs and "free" your content: it's much nicer to read airy content than big paragraphs...

Playing on emotion to create a bond with the reader

On the Internet, the informative 100 % is no longer sufficient to write texts that sell. All the themes have already been written a thousand times... It is therefore quite rare to bring something new!

It's the way you approach a topic that will make the difference to stand out and connect with the reader. Keep in mind that emotion is much more powerful than the informative 100 %! Indeed, the principles of psychology and persuasion allow forget catchy texts that turn into a command, then back to the revenue... 

Let's imagine a blog on natural referencing, which writes an article on the loading speed of a site. It's a rather technical subject, but you can get away with it and differentiate yourself by focusing on emotion:

  • A purely informative article would write: "Here are 5 ways to improve the loading speed of your site". There are hundreds of such versions on the Internet! You will never succeed in engaging the reader in this way.
  • A copywritten article would write: "Are you dying to gain traffic to share your message with the wider world? Then improve the speed of your site. Here are 5 easy ways to do it! ».

In the latter example, emotional levers are used to make the text much more enjoyable to read. The reader is dying to make more traffic in order to make more sales, and why not, change his life?

We address a desire deeply rooted in him: to be happy and independent. And we end on a humorous tone to play down the subject, maybe not so complex after all!

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Encouraging the reader to purchase 

Copywriting is particularly used in sales pages, but one of the main difficulties of the latter is to bring the commercial message!

A lot of people are uncomfortable with the fact that " drive to buy ». If this is your case, don't worry: you can guide your potential customer towards the purchase decision without rushing! This is a copywriting technique very simple questioning:

  • Would you like to know more?
  • Don't you think it's time for action?
  • After all, isn't it a worthwhile investment?

If you have done your copywriting well, these 3 questions imply a positive answer! Know how to create money by writing powerful and compelling textsthat sell, it's the dream of many !

Words have a power of persuasion Extraordinary: you can inspire people to act in your direction. Indeed, when they are well chosen, they will create images in the mind of your reader... Images that spur action.

Anyone can easily learn to write texts that sellbut like all things, the copywriting in digital marketing will come with practice. So get your pens!

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