Containment: how to increase the traffic of its e-commerce site?

containment and covid: how to increase traffic on your e-commerce?

Here we go again: the containment in France is at its V2. Who knows, maybe the country will know a V3 and even a V4. In any case, if this period allows a realization, it is because digital is more than ever crucial and adaptability is key!

E-merchants: you may be wondering how you can adapt to this period of time and increase your site's traffic and sales in this very special situation. Today we give you our best tips for drilling in times of confinement!

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Communicating your business continuity

The essential step remains to signal to all of your customers that your business is continuingwhile maintaining consistency with your graphic charter. Whether you are in the health, home or sports sector, here are a few essential rules:

  • On your online shop, put a suitable banner or slider pointing to a landing page with more complete explanations,
  • By e-mail, by sending an exceptional newsletter to explain the measures. Take the opportunity to offer a coupon code for click and collect!
  • On your social networks, with a new publication containing essential information to communicate.

On the MeCazza website, for example, it is informed directly - as soon as you enter the site - that deliveries are proceeding smoothly. This is an important step to remove some of the obstacles related to the current period!

Adapt its services to the situation

During the first containment, delivery at the relay point caused numerous losses of packages and packages stuck in transit or delivery points. It is therefore important to learn from this first crisis experience :

  • Set up the Click and Collect on your merchant site,
  • Advise your customers to choose relay points that are actually open (mini-markets, supermarkets, petrol pumps, etc.).
  • Free home delivery in your catchment area within 2-4 hours by you or couriers,
  • If your activity allows it, home delivery in France and Europe offered during the reconfinement period,
  • Extend the return time of your products,
  • Set up a special discount for online or in-store purchases.

Take into account the fact that your customers are potentially numerous to be teleworking, with different rhythms and consumption habits!

confinement clic and collect lush
The Lush site has created a page dedicated to its withdrawal system and gives the procedure to follow to its customers wishing to withdraw in store, presented in a simple way.

Strengthen your ties with your customers

With a technology accessible to all, it is now totally possible to set up new user experience ideas to your customers:

  • Offer personalised shopping appointments with one of your salespeople using Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. Even from a distance, enjoy a privileged experience!
  • Enrich your content to keep the same experience as in-store: send samples, add a video of the product in action to your product sheets, advise on sizes, develop your product sheets with the maximum amount of information to remove potential blockages,
  • On your social networks, propose the concept "one day, one product. "Make a video and talk about one of your products to give them more visibility,
  • Work on new interactive content for your customers: special blog articles, videos, product tests, online courses, surveys, in weekly appointment mode.

Your target will have more time in front of him, take advantage of this to reach him more easily and get closer to him!

The Wog Destock shop in Watten regularly organizes live Facebook events: the opportunity to meet its customers and show them its new products.

Any other ideas? Feel free to send us your comments!

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