Confinement: how to adapt your web marketing strategy for B2B?

Since Friday 30 October, France has been in a second containment to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic.

Before you start, you have an e-commerce site, discover our strategy tips!

The first containment was, for some companies and establishments, an opportunity to stand out from the competition and explode their turnover. For others, a little more cruel, this upheaval generated a significant drop in traffic and turnover. Nevertheless, the containment remains an opportunity for all types of websites that want to improve their web marketing strategies, their organic search or to take advantage of this time to redesign its website.

The ideas are still numerous and require a significant amount of management time. At Staenk, every customer is accompanied during this crisis. We give you our best practices today!

B2B/SAAS: acquisition and loyalty objectives

Indeed, even if this reconfinement remains different from the first one, it is time to take advantage of this period to get closer to its customers, build customer loyalty and acquire new ones.

Communicate and maintain consistency

Initially, it will be essential to communicate with your customers, explaining the new measures adopted by your company. Here are a few ideas to perfect this step:

  • Send an exceptional newsletter to inform your customers about the measures adopted by your company,
  • Modify its banner or slider and also your meta-description, to communicate about the continuity of your services and activities on its website and social networks,
  • Publish a post on your social networks only text and well detailed.

Now that you've cleared up the situation, it's time to take advantage of it to attract your prospects to your service during this containment!

Improve its acquisition and loyalty strategy

Two issues on which to focus your work: acquisition and retention.
Acquiring new customers is no easy task, but retaining them is more complex. The requirement and the competition being much higher, it remains essential to pamper your customers to ensure the longevity of your business.

For the acquisition of new prospects:

  • Set up a special offer adapted to your service: free trial period during the confinement period (highlight the savings made!), online diagnosis, special confinement service,
  • Personalized appointment scheduling in video or by phone,
  • Webinar or Facebook lives about the functionality of your software or the advantage of using your company's services,
  • Optimize its contents for natural referencing,
  • Write a white paper and work on a marketing automation strategy around this tool,
  • Rethink your people and their needs to enrich your webmarketing strategy,
  • Write blog articles about current events.
  • Even if the tendency is to think in the short term, it is still possible to prepare for future crises. Natural referencing is the most qualitative solution to acquire prospects.

Do not hesitate to come and question me on LinkedIn to ask me for a quick SEO audit of your site. Staenk's SEO team will be happy to arrange a 30 minute meeting to discuss your growth opportunities.

For the loyalty of your customers:

  • Enrich the content and user experience of your site or SAAS software to enhance the online experience, with videos, tutorials, photos, guides to download in PDF format, and all useful aids for your visitors,
  • Improve the user or customer experience on areas that may be frustrating,
  • Organize a conference day around your activity, highlight your employees,
  • Send a survey to find out the impact of the crisis on your customers and provide them with concrete solutions.

Whether you are e-merchants, b2b or SAAS, the most important thing is to remain transparent and honest with your users. This will help you to build a relationship of trust with them that will also benefit you in terms of deconfinement!

The Staenk team remains available to accompany companies during this period of work in containment and implement a personalized action plan!

Any other ideas? Don't hesitate to comment it to enrich our article together!

And above all, in the face of this covid epidemic, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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