Digital communication: definition and tips for getting started

Definition digital communication tips

82% of French people search for a product or service on the Internet before making a purchase. This overwhelming reality has been highlighted by the Digital Report 2020. A figure that confirms with a bang that digital communication has become indispensable to French companies.

It's one thing to know that you have to digitalize your communication to develop your business. It's another to start digital communication without the tools. What is digital communication? What are the first steps to consider before embarking on social networks and creating a website? Staenk goes back over the main principles to know before launching your business on the web.

Digital communication: what you need to know before you go digital

What's a Digital Strategy? The Digital strategy can be defined as the set of actions set up on the Internet to participate in the marketing strategy of a company. It can be about:

  • set up a website;
  • create business pages on social networks;
  • send newsletters ;
  • work on the natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA) of its website;
  • write web-optimized content.

What characterises all the digital communications actions listed above can be summarised in one sentence. Digital communication cannot be modelled on offline communication. of the company. The values and positioning conveyed on the web are, of course, consistent with the company's DNA. However, the web has its own way of working.

The content created in the context of digital communication has an imperative that offline contents do not have: referencing. Online communication implies a regular publication work to be visible. It also requires the use of keywords to guide Internet users' searches. Understanding that digital communication is a very specific activity is an indispensable prerequisite. When it is well invested, digital communication can quickly become a source of appreciable customer conversion.

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Digital communication strategy: where to start?

Before creating a site, or investing in social networks, a few preliminary steps help to orient oneself:

  • Evaluate the company's current reputation on the web ;
  • identify the competition, its advantages and disadvantages;
  • clarifying digital targets;
  • Establish a web communication budget that includes marketing costs such as paid referencing, advertising, website creation;
  • set achievable and measurable objectives through performance indicators ;
  • detail the web content strategy.

A simple method makes it possible to agree on precise and relevant digital communication objectives. This is the "S.M.A.R.T." method. According to this technique, digital communication objectives benefit from meeting the following criteria:

  • S as in "specific": the objectives are simple and concrete;
  • M for "measurable": it must be possible to assess whether the objective is achieved;
  • A for "ambitious" and "accepted": the objective is a challenge that the teams must accept;
  • A, "realistic": to keep the objective motivating ;
  • T for "temporal": the time frame for completion is clearly stated, to facilitate the organization of each one.
Objectives for its digital communication

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What content to start your web strategy?

In terms of content, web communication offers a wide range of choices. Companies that are starting out on the Internet with a large initial budget can opt for paid communication tools. Among these, there is the paid referencing on Google, which consists in positioning oneself on keywords, or "keywords".adwords"to be well positioned in the search results. Among the paid aids are also advertisements on social networks such as Facebook, the ads Instagram and Pinterest or Google ads.

These paid methods often require substantial financial resources. The companies that launch themselves into web marketing are often young brands, with still tight budgets. For all these companies, there is still the possibility toOpt for a content strategy, known as "content strategyinbound marketing.

Inbound marketing consists of proposing web content interesting enough to attract of Internet users on its website. These Internet users are thus prospects, to whom the brand offers information that is truly relevant to them. This strategy therefore involves acting as an expert in a field that attracts its target audience. It allows the brand to control its digital communication budget. Some of the tools for this type of approach include:

  • keep a company blog to showcase its expertise and gain notoriety;
  • send marketing emails, or "newsletters", to convert and retain customers;
  • Differentiate with high value-added content such as white papers, videos, tutorials, guides and computer graphics.

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