Boost your online sales with Halloween!


Ah the autumn... Leaves that blush and then fall, cinnamon scented candles, the time of disguises and pumpkin-shaped decorations! The month of October ends in beauty with Halloween, a must-attend business event for all shops, whether physical or e-commerce. In this article, we show you how not to miss this e-commerce appointment and turn it into a marketing lever for your company. 

Attract your prospects to your site and immerse them in the world of Halloween

Start by immersing visitors to your site in the world of Halloween. To do this, integrate the colour codes of the event orange and black. Create visuals and "haunted" banners for the event. Distribute your newsletters and emailing with a personalized email subject for Halloween, by inviting your customers and prospects to discover a discount code in the newsletter. only valid today. It is essential to personalize the graphics of your newsletters and to create visuals for the occasion on your website in order to plunge visitors into the universe and encourage the act of buying on this occasion. 

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Build customer loyalty with Halloween

Discount coupons are a way to build customer loyalty. They create a trusting relationshipbetween the client and the brand. Also, take advantage of this e-commerce event to take care of customers who are loyal to your brand and opt for personalized gifts for the occasion, for example : 

  • add candy to your orders, 
  • offer a special discount valid on your site
Halloween discount code

Create engagement with your community around the event

Halloween is an e-commerce event conducive to sales: on average the French spend 89 € on this occasion. Sectors of activity favoured by this event : 

  • sweets/confectionery/chocolate 
  • food/vegetables
  • disguises/accessories
  • cultural/leisure activities 
average French spending on Halloween


E-shops that have a direct link with the products mentioned will only have a priori no problem linking to this event. However, for the others you will need to own the eventand to do so, create engagement with your community around the event. For example, you can propose original contests for Halloween. Indeed, for an e-commerce site, nothing is better than a contest to boost its visibility and sales. Here are a few ideas for contests related to this event: 

  • scary story contest,
  • the best Halloween costume... 

However, it is essential that you offer a competition that corresponds with your sector of activity. For example, if you are a florist, for your creations in this period, bet on flowers and decorations in the colours of Halloween. Then invite your customers to share their bouquets or their own Halloween decorations on social networks, without forgetting to tag your account in their publications. You can reward the winner(s) with gift cards or a personalized discount. 

online purchase Halloween

Gain visibility on the #Halloween event on the web 

As we have seen previously, it is essential to create visual content for the event on its website via banners or sliders. It is also crucial to work on the textual content of your website, because Google values semantic content. 

Make Halloween part of your natural SEO

To take advantage of this e-commerce appointment on your website, make a audit of consistent keywordsfor your industry. For example, if you have an online store of make-up products, integrate them in a dedicated blog article, for example by offering tutorials. make up for Halloween.

Create quality content on your website

To do this, create quality blog posts around the event. For the content of your articles, take the time to ask yourself what people are looking for to read on the web. To do this, you can use Google Trends and find ideas for topics and keywords searched for during Halloween. Here is an overview of the most popular keywords (all categories) in 2020 for Halloween : 

1 Treasury - Subject +200 %

2 Biscuit - Subject +130 %

3 Candy Hunt - Subject +100 %

4 Origami - Visual Art Form +80 %

5 The Night of the Masks - Film (1978) +60 %

6 Halloween - Movie, 2018 +50 %

7 Date - Subject +50 %

8 Halloween - Movie series +50 %

9 Table - Subject +50 %

10 Drawing - Visual art form +40 %

Source : Google Trends

Integrate Halloween into your ASP campaigns

SEA campaigns allow you to quickly gain visibility on an issue. Also, take the opportunity to add ad extensions within your existing campaigns. We advise you to add promotion extensions: you don't need to modify the content of your ads since the extension is added to the description already online. In addition, the event, which appears in bold, and the promotion attract the eye of Internet users and encourage more clicks.

Relay your #Halloween content on social networks

Regardless of your field of activity, if you have an online store and you want to boost sales for Halloween, you must create posts on social networks referring to this event. Be original: create puns in your posts, use videos, photos if you are decorating your premises, live if you are doing an event or if your team is dressing up, etc. These publications are playful, attractive and thus sources of traffic and engagement. Since Halloween only lasts one day, remember to schedule your publications in advance and share your coupons and blog posts created on the subject several days before. 

Halloween hashtag on social networks


As with any marketing strategy, it is essential that you define your objectives before launching the campaign. Whether you want to build customer loyalty, increase sales, visibility or engage your core target audience, for an e-commerce event like Halloween, use your imagination and creativity.  


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