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Boost your visibility through the use of video

In 2019, video will represent 80 % of global Internet traffic, 95 times more than in 2005 (Cisco reportThe figures speak for themselves and show that the use of video is growing rapidly, which can be explained in two ways: the rise of streaming and the increase in the number of people connected, and since video consumption on the web is becoming increasingly important, it is obvious to include it in your communication strategy, so what are the advantages and forms of intégrer ? 

1. context

The current digital age

Consumption patterns have changed: French Internet users consume almost as many videos directly on content sites as on social networks. 16-24 year olds in Europe spend on average 168 minutes per day According to Médiamétrie, 44% of Internet users watch a video on social networks every day.

Although the home is the most popular place to watch video content, transportation and waiting times are also new consumer moments to consider in order to easily reach your targets. 

Communication that can be adapted to all media

Today, video can be seen everywhere, whether on our phones, computers, or tablets, this mode of communication can be adapted to any type of media, and the video format that can be found on Facebook is quite short, readable, understandable to everyone and sometimes even subtitled to allow for soundless viewing. 75,% more videos are published by users than in previous years (source: Hootsuite). Facebook has more impact than YouTube on vidéo ? YouTube is the long-lasting video platform because users are more likely to take the time to watch videos, and a Facebook user will consume between 20 and 40 seconds of content compared to 3 minutes on YouTube, so adapt your message and the format of your videos to the platforms on which you want to share them.

2. implementation of video in the digital strategy

Increase your web presence

Today, search engines take into account video results as much as the results " textuels " in the form of articles, sites or other. video is therefore an excellent way to improve its referencing and therefore increase its visibility. it is estimated that a page containing a video can double the time spent by the user on the site and that a Landing Page containing a video leads to a conversion rate 80 % higher than a page that does not contain one. as we have seen previously, video is a communication that adapts to not 

Motivate your targets

Using video for your business can be a very good idea. 73 % of consumers consider that watching a presentation video influences their purchase decision. (source: ReelSEO)It is therefore possible to highlight your services, your products, your services... Video has several effects:

  • Enhancing your products by showcasing them to convince customers of their quality is a much better strategy than publishing a still image whose details cannot be distinguished. 96 % of the respondents find it easier to make a purchase decision if they have watched a video beforehand.
  • Reassure your prospects about the quality of your company and the services you offer: for transparency's sake, product staging helps to secure the user's buying experience. 58 % of consumers consider that producing video content makes the company more trustworthy and 77 % of respondents consider that companies that create videos are more involved with their consumers. (source ReelSEO).

In a non-commercial setting, the goal is the same: win the trust of your Internet users, make them want to subscribe to your offers and work with you.

Anchor your message

Video has the power to make a lasting impression on Internet users' minds... A real attention grabber, an impacting video generates more memorization than just text content... You can vary the form as much as the content of a video... So many possibilities to create engaging and visually attractive videos... Feel free to tell histoires ! Showcase your products, your values and the history of your entreprise ! Play on émotion ! The video is therefore an effective lever to share with its targets important information that will be easily memorizable.

Reach new prospects

Video marketing also aims to acquire a new audience, as it allows you to increase the chances of convincing new people and converting them into customers; the advantage of video is its ability to reach a wider audience thanks to the different platforms on which it can be broadcast; inform, explain, convince... In short, share content that looks like you and that arouses interest among Internet users; if they are interested, they will be curious to discover the rest and will visit your site or your social networks.

3 Conclusion

Using video: good or bad idea?

Good idée ! Integrate video into your marketing strategy because it has many advantages, sometimes unsuspected, rely on its effectiveness to make you talk about yourself and gain notoriety. playful and visual, it will catch the attention and convince the people you want. this new popular medium enjoys growing popularity, do not hesitate to include this mode of communication in your marketing strategies.

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