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Amazon, a new major player in Search Engine Optimization?

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Amazon, is accelerating its Paid Referral offers? 

While some predicted the progressive fall of Digital Marketing, we have seen a redefinition and a major increase of 14.5% this year. 

One of its main players is undoubtedly the Seattle-based firm Amazon. With a turnover of more than 134 billion dollars and exponential growth, it is already one of the most influential companies in the world. But it's only recently that the firm has made a name for itself in the world of Digital Marketing and more specifically in the field of paid search engine optimization.

For good reason, its major growth of 122.6% of advertising revenue in 2018 in the United States suddenly brought the spotlight back on the firm. This year again, the world leader in e-commerce gained ground by increasing from $7.41 to $9.85 billion of advertising revenue in the US between 2018 and 2019. This represents a growth of more than 33%. 

Okay, Google and Facebook are still one step ahead in the ASP landscape, but the Seattle-based company is steadily gaining market share in the ultra-selective world of web marketing. And today, it has the potential to become a major player in the definition of its ASP strategy !

Between 2019 and 2021, forecasts an increase in Amazon's advertising spending to +70% in the United States, while its main competitors are all below 40%. 

Net US Digital Ad Revenue Growth

By 2023 Amazon would represent according to Business Insider 14% of the total US market, while Google would increase from 36% to 31%.

Digital ad revenue growth amazon

Social networks and major e-commerce sites have a card to play where Google used to have a virtual monopoly. Amazon, Tiktok, Waze and others are so many new players who are entering the e-marketing landscape.

But then, how do you communicate on Amazon? 

Firstly, to communicate on the platform, you must respect certain Amazon rules: be a professional seller registered with the Amazon trademark registerThe products offered must also belong to one or more eligible categories. 

The Google Ads with Amazon sauce is called (very originally) Amazon Advertising

The options present you with three ad formats: Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand and Display, all of which operate on a cost-per-click auction with a dynamic bidding option. 

Sponsored Product 

The format Sponsored Product can be directly comparable to the Google search network, which is to reference its products in search results based on a keyword auctioned. 

The platform is intended to be simple:

  • Selecting the targeting strategy (audience or product)
  • Establish the bid and the daily budget
  • Choose the keywords to target and the CPC
  • Define your budget

When an Internet user clicks on the ad, he or she is then redirected to the page of the product concerned. 

Sponsored Brand

Finally, the Sponsored Brand are designed to develop brand awareness. In the form of banners, they allow you to associate your brand and its flagship products with the keyword you are looking for.

Sponsored Brand Amazon Advertising

In order to create this type of advertisement we follow the same principle: 

  • Select the products concerned
  • Choose a custom title and images
  • Determine keywords and CPC
  • Define the budget and submit

The Internet user then has the choice to click on one of the products or on the brand by being redirected to the Store page (see below).


Amazon's newest addition, the Display allows you to target a specific audience or by product. 

Audiences are set according to a user's interest in a product, which can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as a user who has clicked on a Google Ads ad but hasn't purchased, remarketing, or even seeing the same product at another Amazon retailer.

The display banner will then be presented to the Internet user when he browses on Amazon. 

Display Amazon Advertising

The system is always intended to be simple: 

  • Selecting the targeting strategy (audience or product)
  • Establishing the bid and the daily budget
  • Choose the product(s)
  • Automatically created advertising

Other options available

Finally, another great way to make yourself visible on Amazon and for free is the Blinds multi-page. 

Amazon multi-page blinds

This option allows brands to create one or more fully customizable and modular pages. Amazon offers a variety of options: use drag and drop thumbnails, add videos, images, text, highlighting of key brand products, and more.

It is thus possible to create your own site with your own Amazon URL for free. 

The platform also offers a dashboard presenting the results of all your campaigns in the manner of Google Ads / Analytics.

Amazon Advertising Dashboard

For more information on how to get started, see our article on how to advertise on Amazon Ads !

Even though Amazon still has a minority share of the world's online advertising spending with about 1%, it is growing impressively in the United States, which is promising for the future.

Case to follow? 

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