Adwords News: Sitelinks, Ad descriptions and Optimized Callouts for Mobile Devices

As announced on the Adwords official blog at the end of August, Google presented new styles for mobile Adwords sitelinks, ad descriptions and callouts!

Google is aware of how important mobile phones are when searching for information on a daily basis. According to Google, more than 65% of mobile users feel that they should be able to find information instantly when they’re looking for it.

This is why Google has fine-tuned Adwords ad extensions on its Search Network. Sitelinks, website callouts and ad descriptions for mobile devices have now been optimized and refined!


Thanks to sitelinks, users can land on a specific page of a website. They can therefore easily find what they are looking for on the announcer’s site.

When these links appear, they can now be moved from right to left and from left to right with the finger.

According to Google, this sitelink format works twice as well as the previous format!

This new addition looks similar to the price extensions that are displayed as cards and that can easily be moved to the sides.

Callouts and Site Descriptions

These two extensions give additional information for Internet users to decide whether they like the announcer’s site and if it will meet their needs. These extensions used to be presented in lines that were separate from the ad’s content. They are now displayed in the ad itself, with the same formatting as the ad’s content.

Here’s a “before”/ “after” shot with a callout extension.

According to Google, this change allows you to display more information and to improve the ad’s legibility.

If you’re looking at Google search results on your smartphone now, you’ll notice that these new extensions have not all been mainstreamed! It’s a good way to compare the two versions! 😉

Otherwise, to learn more about paid referencing, come this way!

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