On Valentine's Day, charm your customers to boost your online sales

Boosting online sales on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a must-see event in any good marketing calendar and represents a powerful business driver whether it's in a physical store or online. Indeed, it should be taken into account that 78 % of buyers inquire online before buying in store. Without forgetting that 49 % of the French prefer to shop online for their Valentine's Day gifts. This e-commerce event is thus announced under the sign of the seduction of its customers and prospects through an original and impactful digital communication to convince the act of purchase. 

Small computer graphics of digital x Valentine's Day in France

The graphics below show us that buying a Valentine's Day gift is all about buying online. Consumers look first for inspiration on the internet and don't hesitate to ask Google for the perfect gift for their loved one. 

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What are the keywords searched for on Valentine's Day? 

Did you know that the hottest Valentine's Day request is "Valentine's Day meal idea"? In fact, this request will increase by more than 170 % in 2018. 

Internet users are looking for "trendy gifts", "original ideas", "surprise ideas for Valentine's Day", etc. Moreover, 7 days before this event, the "Valentine's Day poem" query has increased by 250 %: there are therefore things to be gained by positioning yourself on these queries, for example by creating blog content original with these keywords. 

So many opportunities to work on the positioning of your site on these keywords and to benefit from this gain in traffic to boost your online sales. 

Mobile navigation, "Valentine's Day asset".

Here's a playing card! The computer graphics show us that the smartphone is the preferred tool in the context of Valentine's Day e-commerce sales. Indeed, according to a study conducted by Iligo and Clear Channel in 2017, mobile searches related to Valentine's Day increased by 65 % in 2016 compared to 2015. 

This is explained by the fact that the Internet user can search for his Valentine's Day gift discreetly on his mobile phone. Finally, the smartphone is a drive-to-store tool par excellence and allows, once the availability of the item has been confirmed on mobile, to go directly to the store to buy it. As you will have understood, it is therefore essential to make your site easily navigable and responsive for this e-commerce event. 

Boosting online sales for Valentine's Day

Leverage geolocation to seduce your customers and prospects 

If the smartphone is the preferred tool for generating e-commerce sales, it is essential to rely on digital tools that offer geolocation and that punctuate the daily lives of Internet users, namely : 

  • SMS : these campaigns are simple to set up and have a high level of openness to 95 % within 3 minutes at their reception. It is a quick tool to implement to seduce its customers even at the last minute. 
  • lhe emailing campaigns : Did you know? 60 to 70 % of emails are read on mobile phones worldwide and 76 % of newsletter subscribers have already purchased a product or service online by clicking on the link in the email in France. 
  • advertisements targeted on social networks: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. Target your ads to a large audience, 
  • the Waze commercial: this geolocalised tool par excellence allows to reach a large audience (12 million users) and to increase its local visibility. 
example e-mailing Valentine's Day

Encourage commitment by giving gifts to your community

Any successful digital strategy strongly involves its community. Indeed, take advantage of this event to celebrate it with your community: through contests, promotional offers or publications referring to Valentine's Day. The big trump card for boosting sales and building customer loyalty? The coupon codes in particular via influencers and free shipping offers. 

Seduce your prospects and customers by using the Valentine's Day theme on your website and your networks. 

Valentine's Day is an e-commerce event under the sign of seduction. So, create visuals on the theme of Valentine's Day on your site and use them on your social networks. 

Make sure you put them online above the e-commerce event so that your customers are aware of what you are offering them on this occasion: promo code, contests, free delivery, etc. They must quickly understand that it is on your site that they will find their Valentine's Day gifts: use animations, sliders, GIFs, etc. 

visual example site saint-valentin

Make an original communication for Valentine's Day 

To stand out and shine during this event, choose a bold and charming strategy. To do so, do not hesitate to find inspiration from other companies, even if they are not in the same industry as you. Indeed, this will allow you to feel the ground and see that for this e-commerce event, your offset and humor are in order: 

Mikado, the challenge of the #MikadoKiss

On Valentine's Day, the Mikado brand challenged all its consumers to post their best kisses on social networks: 

Videdressing, Valentine's Day Hunt

The brand collaboration is also a winning strategy for this e-commerce event. This is particularly the case for companies that do not have a sector of activity in the field of seduction or that has a direct link with the most offered gifts on Valentine's Day. 

This is the case of Videdressing and the Hppn application which developed an original and sharp communication for this event. The principle: download the applications of the two pure-players and discover, with the help of clues, the secret place where to find one's Valentine and a creator's bag. Then, you just have to be the first to post a snapshot of the discovery on Instagram, with the hashtag #CrushOnValentine.


Valentine's Day is a unique opportunity for e-merchants to generate sales and is a must-see event on the calendar. To do this, rely on an original digital strategy and above all adapted to your targetby adopting geolocation in its communication tools. Don't hesitate to be original and creative during your campaigns: opt for an original and offbeat communication under the sign of humour... oops of love! 



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