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10 successful examples of French nudge marketing

Examples of nudge marketing France

"There are those who choose the easy way out... and then there's you". The people of Lyon know those little words of encouragement that now bloom on the stairs of the Lyon Part-Dieu train station. It's a "nudge", well known to the street marketingThe nudge is an English word synonymous with "boost", which is a modification of the environment that aims to influence behaviour in a gentle way.

Examples of nudges The notes and coins already visible in the transparent urn have convinced many to donate. This is the whole principle of the WWF. nudgewhich uses behavioural economics to induce the target to behave in a way that it might not otherwise do. This technique is increasingly being used by governments, which hope to change behaviour in a more civic-minded way. Staenk reviews 10 examples of nudges made in France successful.

1 - A giant cigarette against incivilities in the stations of Lyon

The SNCF is not to be outdone when it comes to investing the marketing nudgeThe city of Lyon is often the site of its projects in this area. In 2014, the transport company has installed giant representations of crushed cigarettes and chewing gum in the stations of Lyon Part-Dieu and Lyon Perrache. The aim is to fight against the incivilities of passengers, who sometimes forget themselves on the platforms.

Giant cigarette nudge gare de Lyon
© Wikilinks

2 - The nudge to encourage taking the stairs

Stockholm, Tokyo, Hamburg, ... Examples of cities that use the technique of the nudge The city of Lyon has also opted for this strategy. The approach is always the same: encouraging people to take the stairs - here with positive messages - rather than forcing them.

nudge marketing on station staircases in Lyon
© Maxime Jegat

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3 - Fighting Latecomers in RERs

To combat the incivility that consists of rushing between two metro doors when the metro is about to leave, the SNCF is once again using the nudgingShe has worked with psychologists to develop "monster" subway doors. This... nudge should make it possible to fluidify the circulation of RER and other commuter train users.

SNCF Transilien

4 - A classic nudge in Lille: the trash can

Anyone with a little interest in the technique of nudge quickly noticed that selective sorting - and more generally the use of bins - is one of its main areas of use. The city of Lille has taken inspiration from this for its bins. Hopscotch, basketball basket, footprints... The City Hall has installed more than 40 nudges around downtown garbage cans to attract the attention of citizens and avoid littering the sidewalks.

© AFP Philippe Huguen

5 - Sorting waste is an art form in Marseille

The Citeo company is working with French local authorities to develop environmentally friendly urban solutions. In collaboration with Marseille City Council, it has set up selective containers with evocative decorations. With these decorations, the city aims to help Marseilles residents realize the environmental impact of their sorting gesture.


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6 - The Vanoise Park and its nudge ecological groundhog

Another French initiative: the Parc de la Vanoise, which has distributed to all its restaurants and hotels with the "Esprit Parc" label, "Esprit Parc" vouchers. nudges humoristic for the customers. These nudges The program includes a marmot that advises on the right temperature for sleeping, a stickers Dropper for faucets and hourglasses for those who like to take long showers.

© Actumontagne

7 - The Lyon metro regulates passenger flows with a nudge man-sized

Lyon's metropolitan transport company, Sytral, is also relying on the nudgeLyon's metro system has thus equipped its main station, Lyon Part-Dieu, with an nudge The aim of the operation is twofold: to improve pedestrian flows in the station and to reduce the annoyance of users on public transport.

Sytral © Sytral

8 - The city of Cysoing, in the North, innovates with a 3D pedestrian crossing

The 3D pedestrian crossing has almost become a must-see in the nudge This optical illusion alerts motorists, who are more likely to slow down than in front of an ordinary pedestrian crossing. Cysoing, in the north of France, is the first French city to have introduced it in 2018. A way of fighting against deaths due to pedestrian crossings, which amounted to 138 in 2017 in France.

The Voice of the North

9 - The survey ashtray attracts the most recalcitrant butts

Nantes, Strasbourg or smaller, more rural towns: many French towns and cities are adopting the "ashtray survey". One of the companies leaders of this market is the Cytao company, headed by David Palardy. Here again, the idea is to encourage civic-mindedness through a playful process: voting in response to a humorous question.

20 Minutes - Brenon

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10 - What if it's a "bad nudge", a "sludge"?

As shown in the examples above, the nudge is often used in citizen-oriented projects, but to remain ethical, it must be benevolent. The nudge must be done in a transparent manner. The "naked" individual must be aware of this. He must also be able to get around it, otherwise there is a risk of "dark nudge", or "sludge"is not far away.

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  1. Very interesting also for safety, nudging is very useful and effective at a low cost: to promote prevention by acquiring reflexes driven by emotion that are much stronger than making decisions based on rationality: to gently incite people to change their behaviour, to persuade more or less consciously without threatening or punishing, for example to encourage safe behaviour.

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