Set up a Lasting and Profitable Digital Marketing Strategy

A good web strategy is your road map to succeed on the Internet. Define your objectives and explore which profitable levers are right for your target audience.  Opt for a successful digital communications strategy and take the lead by taking our  strategic advice and knowledge.

A Good Web Marketing Strategy

Choosing to have a web presence, redesigning a website or testing new marketing levers are all complex activities. The right questions must therefore be asked.

What are your objectives?
Who is your target audience? How can you reach it?
Where should your website be visible?
Which competitive advantages do you have?
Internal or external resources?
What do visitors do once they are on the website?
How many visitors do you need to make a profit?

#1: Defining your Objectives

 We define your qualitative and quantitative objectives together. How much sales revenue do you wish to make online? Do you have a good conversion rate? Leads, contacts, notoriety, sales, etc.

#2: Analyzing your Situation (Environment)

At Staenk, we offer a  360° audit of your company and your environment. We advise you efficiently on your positioning, the channels to use,  your Content Management System,  your channels’ efficiency and your Return On Investment (ROI).

#3: Setting up a Marketing Plan

This deliverable will allow you to smoothly plan your efforts over the 6 to 12 coming months. Navigating your activity involves analyzing your channels, choosing technologies and constant analysis.

#4: Supporting your Process

Once the marketing plan has been created, we support you in your technical choices and follow up with your service providers. We also offer copywriting and website design services.


Web Strategy Consulting by Staenk

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