Present Quality Content to Your Audience

Quality content is a major asset for search engine optimization in 2018. Google wishes to offer its users with a lot of high-value content. Implement your first content marketing campaign now.

Useful and Intelligible

What brings value to your users is appreciated by Google. Your texts, infographics, newsletters and videos must therefore be useful to your users and understood by research engines.

The content created by Staenk is carefully examined to reach both objectives of usefulness and clarity. We therefore analyze the lexical fields that correspond to your target audience and that will lead to enough traffic.

Rules for Good Content?

Pleasant: your content should be easy to read.

Structured: it is essential for your content to be properly formatted.

Relevant: you need to provide solutions for your clients, users, visitors.

Meeting an objective: what is the aim of the content you are offering? What should visitors do after consulting the information?


Our Content

Staenk supports you in creating and/or improving existing content, as well as implementing a webmarketing strategy fully based on content marketing:

  • Writing blog articles
  • Writing theme-based content
  • Creating infographics
  • Shooting and editing professional videos
  • Creating content for social media