Our web agency accompanies you for the creation, redesign and maintenance of your website. 

Specialized in strategy and visibility, Staenk offers you complete webmarketing support to acquire traffic, leads or increase your sales. 


Because your identity is unique, so is your site.

Our digital agency will guide you in the development and realization of your website creation project. 

Redesign or creation of websites on the different CMS, Staenk can intervene on : 

  • Website development, 
  • Showcase site, e-commerce site or portals, 
  • Identity and graphic charter, webdesign, visuals, videos and motion, 
  • Adapted and personalized administration interface, 
  • Tools for monitoring behaviour and setting up trackings (Analytics), 
  • Omnichannel webmarketing solutions (SEO, SEA, Social Networks, marketing automation, ...)

Your website adapted to your digital strategy

In the age of the Internet, of a digitalized information and consumption mode, the website becomes indispensable for your activity. Yes, but here's the thing: a website that has not been designed for the user and for search engines will not necessarily bring you the expected effects.

An adapted 100% website is what the Staenk web agency offers you.

How to make your website actively participate in the development of your business? By working on it so that it satisfies users, search engines... As well as you! Your website must of course look like your company or organization, transpire your identity and allow for changes as you evolve. In a word: your website must be adapted.

4 qualifiers for your site : Performance | Profitable | Beautiful | Responsive


Numerous B2B and B2C brands/companies entrust us with their digital strategy and achieve significant long-term results. A development booster for their digital communication. Take the measure of our skills and set up your marketing actions with a specialized agency.

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Our website creation process

Definition of your needs, advice and strategy

We pay particular attention to the precise definition of what your new website will be.

This involves a thorough understanding of your needs and the creation of a specification to meet your requirements. 

  • Which technology/CMS? WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Prestashop... 
  • What is the primary purpose of your website? 
  • Is it sales, image, awareness or lead acquisition? 
  • What are the secondary goals of your website? 
  • What are the targets of your website? 
  • Do you already have an idea of the tree structure of the site? 
  • His graphic identity? 
  • Will the website require any special mobile/tablet adaptations?
  • How will you use the site? 
  • What type of content will your site mostly contain? 
  • Are you going to make regular changes? 

Because answering these questions can be complex, the web agency can also intervene in an advisory role. 

Experts of the web for many years, it is with pleasure that we will decide with you a website strategy adapted to your needs during these first exchanges. We are certain that determining all the parameters of a project is crucial to its success!

Creation of webdesign, web development and project management

The heart of our work lies in the design and development of your website.

The first phase of creation resides in the creation of the zooning in order to work on a better experience and user experience, webdesign and graphic identity.

Once validated, we will move on to the web development and content integration phase, ending with a reception phase.

The experts at the creative studio work closely together to bring your project to fruition. A precise schedule and a detailed action plan are maintained by our project manager who works with an agile method.

The duration of the mission can vary according to the number of pages of your site, if it is a showcase website or an e-commerce website. In all cases, regular meetings will be held with your project manager at the agency - your main contact person - to ensure that the project runs smoothly.



37% of global conversion rate

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2400 trainees trained over the past 4 years

Webmarketing support

Your site has finally been put online and it is at the same time in the image of the company, pleasant to use, interesting, attractive and interactive: it has all the cards to convince visitors!

Another challenge here is to attract new Internet users so that they can enjoy your new site.

How to get more (qualified) traffic to your website? With the help of digital communication and webmarketing actions!

Staenk is a webmarketing agency specialized in webmarketing and is able to offer you additional services for the creation of your website:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
  • SEA (paid listing),
  • Community management Advertising on social networks,
  • Content Production & Writing

Listening to our customers, we will be able to advise you in the choice of appropriate levers for the development of your business.


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