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[Week of June 18-22, 2018] Every week we select the best news articles in the field of web marketing ! you can find them on our blog every Friday.

The business categories of the local Google pack change dynamically according to the request

Google now uses search engine keywords to customize the local pack's business categories.

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Instagram launches IGTV, a platform for vertical and long-format videos

Instagram announces IGTV: a new platform dedicated to vertical videos, another particularity of videos published on IGTV: they can last up to 1 hour, IGTV, an application with long vertical videos An IGTV application will be deployed in the coming weeks on Android and iOS, so you can launch IGTV to access the videos. [...]
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Google's Podcasts application is available today

At the top of the Product Hunt trends, Google has just unveiled its "Google Podcasts" application, which is now available on Android devices, with which Google wants to "double podcast listening worldwide", providing Google Podcasts with a vast library of podcasts (more than 2 million).

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Facebook launches surveys and quizzes for live videos

After several years of making its live videos available to publishers and users, Facebook is finally making its live videos interactive, so content creators can use a feature to generate real-time surveys or launch quizzes: "Our vision is to make video on Facebook truly interactive.

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