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Definition: natural referencing or Search Engine Optimization is the art of making search engines (such as Google or Bing) have an improved understanding of a web page in an attempt to rank the website higher in the search results page.

#1: Search Engine Optimization Audit

This step consists in conducting an overview of your website and its framework. We then create a list of the obstructing/slowing factors that can be harmful when search engines index web pages. Many technical elements must be considered and can make a big difference for web results to appear in the search engine’s first page. Thanks to our SEO tools and our experience in web referencing, we analyze all of the relevant factors for SEO traffic such as internal links, on-page optimization, meta-tags, alt attributes of images, and other elements.

Once your pages are ready, we can start implementing a referencing strategy.

#2: SEO Strategy

SEO is becoming increasingly complex. It is therefore essential to define a natural referencing strategy that is both efficient and adaptable.

At this stage, we must identify performance indicators in order to evaluate the SEO strategy. We then choose groups of keywords that fit with your target audience. Finally, we put in place referencing techniques. There is a variety of different levers for optimization: content, videos, press campaigns and local/social strategies. The following step consists in improving your content and your marketing material.

#3: Content (Marketing Material)

Improving or creating SEO content gives positive signals to search engines. We accompany you in the process of creating quality content. Creating an editorial calendar will allow you to have a long-term view of your needs in resources. Either choose someone from your team to create content, or ask us to provide ready-to-use material. This content will also need to adapt to your link building strategy.

#4: Notoriety

Search Engine Optimization is linked to notoriety, which is gained by having backlinks that point to your site. An optimal optimization strategy will allow you to have efficient and profitable incoming links.

For Google, the profiles of links that connect to your site are the most important factors in determining your position in search results. This outline is established based on several elements such as the number of links, the reputation of the emitting websites and where the links are located.

We set up quality links in your field. Quality work is needed for this to succeed, and only an SEO agency can bring you satisfactory results on the long-term.

#5: Follow-up

For each Google SEO project, we provide a detailed report on the positions of keywords and the visits to your website. Our services include a rigorous examination of your performance in an effort to continuously improve the process. Our SEO experts work on your overall digital strategy, from the very first step, all the way to its successful outcome.

Discover our guide, which answers all questions on natural referencing.


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