We’d like Custom Communication, Please!

Stænk () -et, -, -ene [ˈsdεŋˀg] is a word of Nordic origin which has a similar meaning to that of a splash, an explosion. n.

We chose this word because it defines what we aim to do for our clients: make a splash. Making a mark and becoming well-known continue to be the best ways to stand out.

Meet with your clients and make them offers they can’t refuse.

Being online is good, doing online is even better 😀

Team Staenk

Pauline Bourgeois
Pauline BourgeoisDigital Account Manager
Swann Le Moigne
Swann Le MoigneFounder at Staenk & Growth hacker
Sarah Hafiz
Sarah HafizCopywriter, Content marketing
Anne Losq
Anne LosqTranslator French <-> English
Marie Kerouanton
Marie KerouantonCopywriter, Content marketing
Margaux Charriere-Rond
Margaux Charriere-Rond Web Marketing Assistant

 Our Offices

The Coworking Space La Cordée in Lyon

Work, Nothing but Work

They are happy !