The 15 Best Chatbots on Messenger!
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A chatbot is a conversational robot which allow brands to communicate directly with end consumers. These robots are often presented as the future of client relations, and they are increasingly present on Messenger, the instant messaging platform.

Excitement surrounding this new way of communicating keeps on increasing, and for good reason, since bots present several advantages for brands! The advertiser has more flexibility and visibility, since it can communicate day and night in a different way with online users! It’s also a new medium for exchanges and conversations that’s a lot more fun than a satisfaction survey or an FAQ. Internet users can instantly converse with brands without even leaving the social network. They can interact and get answers to their questions immediately!

Are you a bit bored? Do you simply want to talk to a machine because you’re fed up with humans? Here are a few Messenger chatbots to try out!  


Tired of your average language class? This chatbot might interest you, then! With it, you can discover several languages through quizzes and translations… all good ways to test your knowledge and learn! More than 200 questions appear on the quiz and more than 50 different languages are available as translations.



We must admit that we’re fans of this chatbot’s little cat and overall graphics! To know the weather, the cat simply tracks your location. It then gives you information on the weather each morning. So convenient!


Adecco France

If you’re looking for work, the Adecco recruitment agency helps you find relevant job announcements via Messenger. The bot is called Aloha. Enter your search preferences and it will find offers that correspond to your profile.

 Job Bot does more or less the same thing in English! With a little something extra: it tracks your position to offer jobs near you!  


Last Christmas, the Sephora perfume store created a smart chatbot to help online shoppers find Christmas gifts! Depending on the answers given, the bot advised and directed users toward various gift ideas!



Want to get fresh news without having to go through what you’re less interested in? CNN’s chatbot offers several news items! All you have to do is click on the link to read the article you like. You can also ask for a summary and get in touch with the page’s community manager.


Are you looking for something in the same vein as the CNN chatbot? Freshr offers to go through the news for you and gives you the main titles each morning. This chatbot is in French 😉!


Domino’s pizza

Do you live in the US and feel like having a pizza? You can order directly online through Domino’s chatbot. You can even follow your order when you enter your phone number! Unfortunately, only orders made in the United States are taken into account. Looking forward to this feature arriving in France!


Jessie Humani

Do you want to talk with a bot who tells you about  her life? Meet Jessie and follow her little stories, give your opinion and interact with her! Discover how your answers can influence her choices!


Game of Thrones Survival

Are you a fan of the show? You’ll probably enjoy this chatbot, then! It quizzes you on your knowledge of the 7 kingdoms and allows you to go on adventures yourself! A great idea for those of you who want to fully experience the Game of Thrones adventure!


Dad Joke Bot

Do you want to be the jokester in your friendship circle? Dad Joke Bot is a joke generator. In English, of course!


Andy English Bot

Do you want to improve your English? Talk to Andy, he’ll teach you vocabulary and grammar rules, just by chatting naturally! Like a real teacher, basically. Pretty cool, right?



The voyage SNCF bot is quite nice since it helps you find train tickets depending on the dates and location of your departure and arrival! Try it out!

Simply explain which type of event you need a flower arrangement for, and 1800 Flowers makes a selection for you! Unfortunately, this service is only provided in the US. ☹


Meditate Bot

You can still relax, even when you’re connected! Use Meditate Bot and choose relaxation scenarios with your personal meditation bot-guide! Plan your sessions throughout the week and select the programs that work for you.



Instalocate helps you follow flight times on Messenger. You can receive notifications, especially when flights are delayed, and know more about your rights and financial compensations in the case of cancellations or delays.

There you have it, our selection of the 15 best bots on Messenger is over!

You’ll also be pleased to know that real humans are still behind many online pages. I had read that Uber had started using chatbots in the article Les 5 meilleurs bots sur Messenger et comment aller plus loin… but, that is clearly not the case for the Uber France page. Below, you’ll see a rather bizarre conversation I had with the page’s community manager…

Translation : 

Hello Uber

Hello Pauline, How can I help you? Frank

Hello Frank. Are you a bot?

Actually, no, I’m a real human! J This feature is not available in France yet. To reserve your ride, you must use your app directly. I’m available if you have any questions. Wishing you a nice day.  Frank

Thank you Franck. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for your responsiveness!

No problem, Pauline. This is what I’m here for J Thank you very much. Franck


What we can say is that chatbots offer real advantages for brands! They instantly respond  to the needs and questions of users, and they can also generate sales, as is the case for Domino’s or 1 800 Flowers! Since the arrival of chatbots on Messenger in April of 2016, more than 100 000 of them have since appeared! More than 80% of businesses should have their own chatbot by 2020… Actually, we’re planning on creating our very own bot real soon! To be continued! 😉