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The 4 pillars for a successful social media strategy

Social selling is the process of using social networks in the sales process. The ultimate goal is to be able to solicit new potential prospects by implementing a process of research, selection, listening and interaction with them. This technique will allow you to develop new businesses and accelerate existing ones. To measure the importance of this new practice, Demand Gen has published a report that states that 72% of B2B buyers inform themselves in advance via social networks when they engage in a purchase process. This strategic step should therefore not be neglected.
In order to boost your business, we show you the process of social selling.

1 - Create your presence on social networks

As the name suggests, social selling is a process that takes place on social networks. If you already have a presence on these platforms, make sure that the information is complete, that the image returned is positive and that your page is active. If not, create a profile in the name of your company. Also, make sure that your profile appears in the first results of the Google Page Rank.

These different factors are essential in a social selling strategy and must be put in place before prospects are even contacted.

Among the multitude of existing social networks, some are unavoidable. This is the case of LinkedIn, which is the n°1 in the professional sector. It will allow you to find many prospects and to position yourself as an expert in your field of activity. Moreover, your presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a real asset to develop your professional activity. It will thus be possible for you to deploy customer prospecting.

2- Finding the right prospects

Take advantage of the functionalities offered by social networks to find quality prospects. There are several ways to do this:
* - The search according to common interests. They are filled out in the profile and allow a good start.
* - Groups or common pages, which allow to exchange on a subject shared by all.
* - The solicitation of its 1st so-called "proximity" network, in order to contact prospects who are indirectly linked to you.

We must not lose sight of the fact that one of the objectives of social selling is also to extend its network.

3- Become a source of information

On social networks, the creation of content is essential. To engage your prospects and show them that you are interested in them, you must provide them with information. To do this, post or write articles on your personal or company profile. This can be related to your common interests or related to your business depending on the information you want to share and the profile used.
Mainly via LinkedIn, you can provide information to your prospects by subscribing to discussion groups where you can post content and comment on other members' posts in a relevant way.

4 - Making relationships sustainable

Social selling is first and foremost a question of network, relationships that you have to learn to maintain over time if you want them to be reliable and solid.
To start developing your network, your first reflex should be to add your prospects and customers to your social platforms. If when you add them, there are people you haven't had contact with yet or a very brief contact, be careful to personalize your invitation message.

Social selling has become a must in the search for new prospects. It is becoming essential to be present on social networks to develop a reliable digital network. Social selling accelerates and simplifies the phases of research and contact with new prospects/customers. It is also a simpler method to maintain daily these relationships essential to your business.

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