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The 15 best ChatBot on Messenger!

A chatbot is a conversational robot, allowing a brand to communicate directly with the end consumer. Often presented as the future of the customer relationship, they are more and more numerous on the Facebook instant messaging platform. Messenger !

Brands are becoming more and more enthusiastic about this new way of communicating, and rightly so, since bots bring many advantages ! The advertiser gains in flexibility and visibility, since he can communicate differently with the Internet users, and this 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! It's also a new channel of exchange and discussion much more fun than a satisfaction questionnaire or a FAQ. Without leaving the social network, Internet users can therefore chat instantly with the brands, interact and get answers to their questions instantly!


Tired of classical language lessons? This chatbot should interest you! It allows you to discover several languages thanks to quizzes and translations; a good way to test this knowledge and learn! More than 2000 questions are listed for the quiz, and more than 50 different languages are available for translation.


Well, we must confess, we're too much of a fan of the kitty cat and the graphics of this chatbot! To know the weather, he just asks you your geolocation ! Then, he proposes you the weather program every morning ! Practical !

Adecco France

If you are looking for a job, Adecco, recruitment agency, invites you to find the offers that concern you via Messenger. The bot is called Aloha. By giving your search criteria, it finds the jobs that match you.

In English, Job Bot does the same thing! The little extra: it geolocates you to offer you job offers nearby!


Last Christmas, Sephora had the idea to propose a clever chatbot to help Internet users find their Christmas presents! According to the answers given, the bot advised and directed the user to gift ideas!


Want to know the fresh news but without having to sort out what doesn't interest you? CNN's chatbot offers you several news ! Then you just have to click on the link of the article you are interested in to read it. You can also request a summary or be put in touch with the community manager of the page.


In the same vein as the chatbot from CNN? Freshr offers to sort the news for you, and to give you the news every morning. This chatbot is in French 😉 !

Domino's pizza

If you live in the US and you feel like a pizza, you can order online directly through the Domino's chatbot. It also allows you to track your order by entering your phone number! Unfortunately, only orders from the United States are taken into account. We can't wait for this feature to arrive in France!

Jessie Humani

Feel like chatting with a bot who tells you his life story? Get to know Jessie and follow these little stories, giving your opinion and interacting with her! Find out how your answers can influence her choices!

Game of Thrones Survival

Are you a fan of the show? You should enjoy this chatbot! It offers you to make a quiz about your knowledge of the 7 kingdoms or to live the adventure yourself ! A great idea for those who want to live the Game of Thrones adventure to the fullest!

Dad Joke Bot

Feel like being the braggart of the gang? Dad Joke Bot is a joke generator. In English, of course !

Andy English Bot

Do you want to improve your English? Talk to Andy, he will teach you vocabulary and grammar rules, while conversing normally with you! Just like a real teacher! Not bad, eh? Travel

The SNCF travel bot is pretty cool because it helps you find your train tickets, depending on the day and place of departure and arrival! Try it out!

Just specify for which event you wish to offer a bouquet, and 1800 flowers will make you a selection! Too bad, you have to be in the US to place an order. ☹

Meditate Bot

Even if you stay connected, you can still relax! Use Medidate Bot and choose relaxation scenarios with your personal meditation bot-guide! Schedule your sessions over the week and select the programs that suit you.


Instalocate helps you follow the flight schedules on Messenger. It allows you to receive alerts, including whether flights are delayed, your rights and financial compensation in the event of cancellations and delays.

Here we go, our selection of the 15 best bot on Messenger is over!

You should know that there are still real humans behind many pages. I had read in " The 5 best bots on Messenger and how to go further " that Uber had also gotten into the chatbot .... Obviously, not yet on the Uber France page. Here's a rather crazy conversation with the CM of the page...

Anyway, what can be said is that the chatbots have a real interest in brands! Not only do they provide instant answers to users' needs and questions, but they also generate sales, as is the case with Domino's or 1 800 Flowers! Many Facebook special agencies offers these services. Since the introduction of chatbots on Messenger In April 2016, more than 100,000 were born! More than 80 % of the companies should have their own chatbot by 2020 ... In fact, we also plan to create our own one very soon! Stay tuned! 😉

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  1. hello I propose you to test Ivy from kwalys, we are looking for testers to improve the understanding of the robot, I liked Hellogero very much, it is rather well done too.

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