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Staenk launches Check My Posts: the software to simplify CM customer validations

Staenk agency has developed social network management software that allows community managers to plan, visualize and validate their publications in order to simplify their interactions with their customers. 

Lyon, November 9, 2018 - present for more than 3 years in the digital communication sector in Lyon, Nantes and Rennes, Staenk agency has supported more than fifty clients, from different sectors of activity, to increase their visibility and notoriety on the web.

The agency has thus generated more than 150 000 euros in turnover and is continuing its development by deploying new software dedicated to social network management for community managers working in agencies, within companies or on their own account.

This software differs from those already on the market in its publication validation and preview features, so that the community manager who wishes to have his publications validated only has to send a link to his client who then accesses a secure platform, has an overview of his publications for the coming days, weeks or months and can validate them in a few clicks.

The genesis of the project 

Swann Le Moigne, founder of the Staenk agency, is the creator of the Check My Posts solution and explains the genesis of the project in these terms We are a digital agency and are in direct contact with our clients, we manage about ten accounts on social networks and have to create, plan and validate publications for our clients, mainly using Excel, a software that is not really adapted to our needs… Little by little, the idea of using a tool that simplifies the customer validation process came to the fore, so it was no surprise to discover that there were none on marché !»

Check My Posts is available today, with a 30-day free trial for users, and three subscription packages (at €19/month, €39/month and €129/month) based on the number of users, profiles used on social networks and customer access.

More information about Check My Posts is available on thethe software website.

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