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What's new on Facebook

Every day, social media brings new features and functionality to the market, and platforms are evolving at high speed, allowing brands to communicate more and more with their communities.

In this article, I propose you to decode the new features of the most famous social network: FACEBOOK!

New ways to view videos

In the official Facebook blog Newsrooman article published on February 14 explains upcoming news on videos According to Facebook, our way of watching videos on the Internet should evolve, with the addition of several new features:

  • As you may already know, the video live on Facebook The maximum duration for this type of video is 4 hours. This feature is also available on 360° videos.

  • Second (future) new feature, the video sound should move to autoplayA feature that may bother more than one... but don't panic, this option could be disabled in your settings and will only be available on mobile.
  • Then, Facebook should get closer to the television setTo capture this market, the platform is in the process of negotiating television content in exclusive use, and launches its Facebook video application The objective is to allow users to watch videos from the social network in a different way, with the application we will be able to watch videos shared by friends or pages we follow, live videos and recommended videos based on our hobbies, as well as download, watch and share them easily, the application will be available in Apple TV stores, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV, as well as other platforms to come... no release date has been announced
  • Optimizations of video playback on mobile Vertical videos can be viewed in a larger format on the screen.
  • We will also be able to watch a Facebook video while scrolling through our flow The feature is not yet available in France but should be deployed soon.

The social platform has designed this short video to present future new features :

Customer service in the spotlight

Facebook seeks to make the work of advertisers easier and invites Internet users to see the platform as a space for communication and to sharing with the brands. So we find two main features :

  • Since 2015 already, some chatbots can be set up on the messaging system MessengerFacebook helps brands and offers direct predefined messages to support them in the configuration of their chatbotThe texts are mainly absence and welcome messages.
  • In addition, we can now see on the , the average response rate The information can be highlighted by a green badge.

Buy directly via Facebook

Some of them have a "shop" tabThis implementation is still not very widespread in France, and I have not found any concrete examples to give you yet.

Depending on the page and its configuration, you can pay directly via Facebook or via the reseller's website.

Facebook Business explains everything you need to know about this shop feature by here.

Launch of the fact-checking tool in France

On March 3, Facebook's official blog announced the deployment of fact-checking in FranceIt is the third country to deploy this new feature, which should enable us to easily notify false information on the platform.

By clicking on the right-hand corner of the information, we can easily report articles that we think are "fake".According to Facebook, this method should make it possible to have less and less false information on the social network.

New ways to share with the Facebook camera

Facebook has been increasingly on Snapchat's shelves, now offering fun filters and visual effects directly via the camera of the application. Thearticle which introduces this new feature (on Facebook's official blog) also explains that the application will be able to decode the face to adjust the elements... Like Snap what! 

To kill two birds with one stone, Facebook will also test the Storiesto be able to share videos and ephemeral photos, as well as the Direct.

The new features are not yet available, but they should be available soon, so when they do, simply press the camera icon at the top left to access the filters.

In short, a lot of new features on Facebook! we will be back very soon to look at other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even LinkedIn.

See you soon! 😉 

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