Instagram: 5 tips to develop your e-commerce

In this period particularly shaken by the Coronavirus epidemic, we have seen an unprecedented increase in online sales.

This situation can therefore be quite profitable for advertisers who have an e-commerce site! Especially when we know that Instagram has more than a billion active users per month, including 500 million who connect every day.

Offering the opportunity to sell products, Instagram is the social network to exploit at this time.

According to a study conducted by YOTPO72% of users confirm that they are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it in the Instagram photo and 38 % say they have already purchased a product seen on the network.

As you will have understood, Instagram has become a place of choice for brands that wish to have a real presence among 15-25 year olds.

With a host of new features developed over time, the application bought by Facebook in 2012 has quickly become one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. Staenk offers you to discover its 5 free tips to increase your sales via Instagram.

Make your profile attractive

Insert a link in your bio

Bio works like your business card. It's the first thing users will see when they go to your profile. This tool is therefore terribly effective for insert a call to action that redirects the user to a specific page of your website. Besides.., you can change it at any time to announce a limited-time promotion, the release of a new one. This allows you to attract traffic to your homepage, but also to boost the visibility of a particular offer or page! 

Many brands use this technique to play on seasonality and offer limited time offers. This gives visitors a sense of exclusivity as a member of the community.

Use the right keywords

But that's not all! Keywords are also important when writing your bio! Indeed, the shopping function of the platform has also brought a new filter in terms of internal search: the shop tab. This last one is interesting, because the algorithm is not based on the chronological order of the posts but on the centres of interest of each user. It's up to you to target the interests of your people and your best customers in order to reach them more effectively.

Using Insta stories

The Stories format currently stands out as being the most popular format. This seems quite obvious in the face of the buying behaviour of the public present on the social network (15-25 year olds), who are nowadays very demanding for authenticity, links and consume a lot of videos. 

In addition, using Instagram Stories is incredibly important to the growth of your brand because it gives your followers and potential customers another way to hear from you. Even if people interact with your feed, many of your subscribers miss your content because of the way the algorithm works.

Instead of scrolling through their feeds, people are now more likely to spend more time clicking on Instagram Stories, especially since people spend an average of 53 minutes a day on the application....

The ideal remains to have the possibility to integrate a swipe-up link to your story, but this is not a good idea. possible only for accounts with at least 10,000 followers. You'll have to be patient if you don't!

Using Featured Stories

If you regularly publish Instagram Stories, putting Stories on the front page is a great way to promote your offers, products and more. Introduced in December 2017, Instagram Stories Highlights are stories that group several elements of one or more stories in one place.

Highlight your products/offers

They appear in a dedicated section below the biography on the profile. The opportunity to highlight certain contents It can be specific collections, special promotions or an event within your company.

Here, for example, H&M has highlighted thematic stories in connection with its sport range, its collaborations... This feature also allows you to reinforce your brand image by offering you the ability to customize thumbnails. It's up to you to put them in the colors of your graphic charter or to find THE visual that catches the eye.

A tool to humanize your brand

Once again, the idea is to sell. So, don't hesitate to show the backstages of your shoots or make FAQ with your community, it will make you more friendly to their eyes and boost your sales thanks to your authenticity. Now it's your turn to play!

Sell with Instagram ads

Instagram continues to develop advertising functions. Between Story Ads or ads in the News Feed, you have a wide range of choices. Especially since the audience is young and perhaps more familiar (or receptive) to this type of advertising, so why deprive yourself? 

Define your target audience

Instagram offers you the same targeting possibilities as Facebook advertising since creating an Instagram ad is also done in the Facebook Ad Manager. You can therefore define a very specific audience in order to increase your return on investment. Instagram advertisements often serve two purposes:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Convert (generate leads / sell)

Depending on these objectives, your ads will be very different, because one will require a beautiful visual of your product from all angles, while the other will require less detail in the caption and will propose to the user to visit a page or a profile.

A discreet but effective advertisement

Although these ads are notified as sponsored, it's very discreet ! Little tip: to get a better rate of engagement and sales, you can highlight a discount code ! Many users use Instagram to chase bargains, so try to make them happy.

Using Instagram shopping

Ah! The best for last! 

Available since 2018 in France, Instagram Shopping publications are means made available to professionals by Instagram to facilitate the promotion and marketing of products via the social network.

A social network that becomes a revolving e-commerce platform

Wishing to do well, Instagram develops its commercial aspect by remaining a simple social network, a source of inspiration and content for Internet users.

An ideal format for an optimal user experience

Instagram Shopping is a an easy to configure way to give your products increased visibility while allowing Internet users to find out at which prices they are and to obtain more information about them by generating a product description.

You will notice that you can share the product or save it (almost like on an e-commerce site). You can also discover all the other products that the brand sells on Instagram or simply click on the blue "View on website" button and continue shopping on the merchant site.

No, I don't, the payment is not yet made directly on the app Instagram, but it should not be too long now (the "Checkout" feature is currently being tested on a few brands).

This feature is very interesting to sell directly from Instagram, without even going to the merchant site. It's one more step to make Instagram a giant marketplace!

An easy-to-use product catalogue

According to Instagram, once a company has configured his product catalog in Facebook (required to activate Instagram Shopping) and logged him into his Instagram account, tagging a product is as simple as tagging a person in a message. You can indeed integrate your catalog either with your Facebook pixel, your Shopify feed or manually.

To sell on Instagram with Shopping, you must imperatively make your subscribers want to buy your products with very high quality photos (lookbook or lifestyle). This format allows you to avoid tainting your visuals, while providing an enhanced user experience.


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