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E-commerce: use Instagram shopping and Pinterest to convert online

ecommerce and social commerce on instagram and pinterest

If you have an e-commerce business and are looking for a free way to improve the traffic on your online store, The social commerce could be the solution. Major brands are increasingly turning to social networks to sell. The social media build their success around image and are therefore very well suited to selling products online. 

A reality that Instagram and Pinterest have well understood. Since 2018, the two social networks have made it possible to tag visuals of products for sale. The clicks generated automatically redirect qualified traffic to e-commerce sites. A new strategy of leads generation to boost its sales easily. Why invest in the social-commerce Instagram and Pinterest versions? How to get started quickly? 

Shopping on Instagram and Pinterest: the social commerce to sell at low cost

Instagram Shopping and Pinterest and its "Shop the look" functionality are based on the same objective: to become interactive catalogues for e-commerce. All brands for which the visual aspect is central benefit from investing in its networks, which have the image at the heart of their business models.

Instagram: the future platform for social commerce ?

Instagram already allows some companies to sell through influencers. This is because the social network has 25 million active corporate accounts, even though 80% of its subscribers follow at least one brand. A real potential market, which may well allow the social media to become a leading player in e-commerce.

Instagram Shopping allows businesses to sell directly from the subscriber's News Feed

In concrete terms, how does it work? All a brand has to do is post a photo of one of its products on the network and tag it. It then appears as "for sale" in the news feed of the company account subscribers. They can therefore access the price of the article and its details, without even having asked for them. The service also has the huge advantage of not being billed. Instagram only charges for the traffic. 

The results of the pioneering brands that first launched Instagram Shopping are convincing. In the United States, a brand such as @Lulus, a fashion e-commerce company, has benefited in one year from 1,200 sales and 100,000 additional visits to its site. In France, the CEO of Slip Français, Guillaume Gibault, estimated at the launch of the service that a storytelling of 20,000 views could yield 400 to 500 clicks on the online store*. 

*Article published in Le Monde on March 20, 2018, Instagram gives in to the e-commerce trend.

Pinterest, fashion and decoration catalogue with "Shop the look" and "Shop now".

Pinterest follows exactly the same logic as Instagram Shopping with its "Shop The Look" and "Shop Now" functionalities. Both allow subscribers to purchase products directly from their visuals. For "Shop the look", white circles appear to the user around the items for sale. Shop Now" consists of a sales button, displayed under the "pins" of the products. In both cases, the click sends the interested party to a Pinterest product catalogue. Each visual displays a price and a link to buy. 

So why choose Pinterest to develop its e-commerce? The approach proves particularly interesting for brands that share the target of this social network. Adrien Boyer, one of its CEOs, estimates that 70% of the "pinners", i.e. Pinterest users, are in fact users. Most of them are CSP+, of which 30% are between 25 and 35 years old. 

In 2018, the pinners 55% have bought or found products through Pinterest. This platform is therefore proving to be a social network for consumers. E-commerce companies with a corresponding target group are therefore well advised to invest in it. 

How do I install the shopping functions on Instagram and Pinterest?

For those who want to use Instagram and Pinterest to boost their online conversions, the installation procedures for the shopping functions are quite simple.

Increase sales by installing the Shopping function on Instagram

For set up a shopping account on instagramThe brand must sell in a country where the social network has activated the Shopping function, such as France. The company must also have a professional Instagram account and sell exclusively products, not services. It must also have a Facebook product catalog. 

Once these conditions have been met, the next step is easy to put in place: 

  • connect your Instagram professional profile with your Facebook catalog;
  • apply Instagram product labels; 
  • Publish in your News Feed or your stories by tagging your products. 

How to showcase pins produced on Pinterest

The basic procedure for put products for sale on Pinterest All business account owners can set a sales target and targeting. They import images from their online shops and simply tag them to signify that a purchase is possible. By adding a link, they can ensure that their e-commerce site traffic is increased. 

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