How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

You created several Facebook pages for a single community? You would like to merge these pages, but you’re not sure how to do it? Don’t panic! It is possible to merge two (or several) Facebook pages! Here’s how to proceed.

Terms to Respect to Merge Two Facebook Pages

To merge two Facebook pages, you must have been the administrator of these two pages for the last 8 days.

Otherwise, you risk receiving this type of message:

Then, assure yourself that the pages you wish to merge are (more or less) similar.

To finish, check that they have the same physical addresses.

How to Proceed to Merge Two Facebook Pages

  • First of all, go to Facebook’s merge page created for the occasion
  • Chose the two pages that you wish to merge and continue.

Chose the two pages that you wish to merge and continue.

  • The next (very important) step for merging is to chose the page that you wish to keep.

Click on “keep page”

  • To avoid any mistakes, Facebook summarizes all of your choices for you. At this step, re-read the figures and data to make sure that you’re keeping the right page. Be careful about this, because you won’t be able to turn back afterwards.

Click on “Request Merge”.

  • If the two pages can be merged, the following message will appear.

The “likes” and visits of the page you merge will be added to the remaining page. But all of the publications, photos and evaluations of the merged page will be deleted.

  • Despite receiving the message “merging request accepted” your pages will not merge immediately. For example, when doing a search, we can still see that both pages exist and have the same name.

  • At this point, no worries, you should receive an e-mail indicating that the merge will be effective within 7 days!

  • 7 days later… Tada! Your pages have merged!

Good to Know

You can merge several Facebook pages, but you can’t merge more than two pages at a time. You will therefore have to repeat the operation several times until you obtain a single page. Don’t forget that you must plan for a wait time of 7 days for each merge.

It turns out that merging Facebook pages is pretty easy to do. You’ll just need to be a little patient!

Do you need more information? Head to the Facebook help page.

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