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Facebook: optimizing your posts using the publishing tool

facebook publishing tools

How many times have you programmed your Facebook post on a third party tool such as Hootsuite and realized that the tags were not taken into account, the format had been changed and the post was finally not optimized as you had hoped? Don't be frustrated anymore, we'll explain how to do it using the Facebook post tool.

First of all, it seems necessary to me to make a point on the 3 main categories that it is good to know how to differentiate:

  • profiles
  • the pages
  • groups

Please note that only Pages and Groups allow planning of posts and use of the publishing tool; profiles are excluded from this feature. Also, it is important to note that this feature is not yet available on the new version of Facebook in beta testing. 

If you would like to discover this tool, just go to your Facebook page. There are several tabs at the top of the page, you click on "more" and you will see "publishing tool" appear.

To access the publishing tool, click on "more" in the top bar.

The Facebook publishing tool : 

what is it?

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes since its creation and we have seen new features blossom over time, firstly for users, with stories, Facebook Watch... and then increasingly for companies with a business page, with the product catalogue, the statistics analysis tool and the famous publication tool.

As its name suggests, Facebook's publishing tool allows you to manage all the elements that you put online on your page. Its interface has been completely reworked for the occasion and offers a global view of all your publications, stories, videos and articles. Now, everything is manageable from a single page and that's not a bad thing when you consider the time it takes to fully load a page on the platform.

Why use this tool?

More visibility through native content

It's important to note that the main ranking factor of the Facebook algorithm is engagement. and for your posts to look good, they must be perfectly designed for the Facebook platform. Because yes, just like Instagram and LinkedIn, the social network tends to put more emphasis on native content. Using a third party application to publish your posts will have a negative impact on your reach.

In addition, native content allows for better integration in your feed. I'm thinking of videos in particular. If you integrate a YouTube video, the user has to click on it to launch it, whereas a native video will automatically launch when it appears on your screen and you'll be able to choose its auto-play mode: it launches by itself once it's displayed on the screen. Does it generate subtitles automatically? Does it launch with or without sound?

A better management and organization of your posts

Via this tool, you will also be able to have a better organization for your editorial calendar since the platform allows you to publish live or to plan, make drafts or design a temporary post (ideal in times of crisis or ephemeral promotion).

All you have to do is select the tab you want from these 4 choices, then click on "create" and you will be able to see the different options behind each of these types of publications.

New formats for an optimized user experience

As the tool offers you new formats adapted to Facebook, it's an opportunity for you to test their effectiveness according to the products and services you are promoting. Moreover, an attractive page is a page that knows how to vary between different publication formats photos, videos, articles... in order to to make its news feed as dynamic as possible You'll see that this will also have a positive impact on your engagement, as users are more likely to like or comment on a post in dynamic format. 

Here are some of the different hidden formats you can exploit:

  • the carousel

The clothing brand Jules, for example, is using carousels to showcase its special Casa Del Papel collection, which will be released at the same time as season 4 on Netflix. This type of format is very popular with users since it is suitable for both desktop and mobile use and automatically sends to the desired page using call-to-action.

  • The creation of specialized offers for e-commerce

If you need to highlight a limited time offer, the publication tool allows you to create a post specially dedicated to the occasion. You can then highlight the visual of your product, then select the type of offer you are highlighting, the amount of the discount, the deadline and even a promo code. 

A excellent opportunity to generate traffic on the product page Tip: don't forget to generate a link with UTMs to track your conversions on analytics.

  • An advanced video library

As you know. video content is the one that generates the most engagement on social networks If you post a video like this without going through the Facebook publishing tool, you will get a raw video with your text. The publishing tool allows you to take the experience and customization even further by offering you different types of video formats. The great thing about these video formats is that they notify your friends and fans!

Video premiere

Facebook offers a solution that allows you to upload a pre-recorded video that will appear live to your subscribers: Video Premiere. This option allows the editor to be inactive on Facebook while the video is playing. Facebook Video Premiere offers the same benefits as publishing a live video, such as viewer interaction during the screening and the ability to share the video in real time.

This feature also allows the editor to have a countdown to the first one which sends notifications to fans before publicationThese notifications create the excitement that precedes the show, which can add substantial value to your company's social media strategy.

Facebook Live videos have a 222% range higher than just sharing a video link!

Video session

What could be better than a huge live film session where everyone can react? Video sessions work more or less on the same principle. As their name suggests, they allow multiple videos to be linked together and streamed live without interruptionIt's also a time when you're not live so you can interact with users who are commenting live so you can be seen through Facebook's algorithm. In e-commerce, it's a great opportunity to tease around a new collection and gather feedback to create a link.

To sum up

Facebook provides page administrators and publishers with innovative solutions to design publications that stand out from the crowd, simply by going to the publishing tool and discovering these new formats native to Facebook, to gain more visibility and commitment.

Here is the list of all the formats available with the publishing tool : 

classic publications:

  • photo collage
  • import multiple videos in one post
  • the photo album
  • the carousel
  • the slideshow
  • l'instant Experience

specific publications :

  • a more advanced event creation tool
  • a more advanced award showcase tool
  • the creation of job offers in the form of post

video formats :

  • classic video
  • premiere video
  • video session
  • live video

We will see in a next article dedicated to the platform, what is the creator studio and how to use it?

à propos de l'auteur.e : Jordan Lapendry

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