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Being present on social networks was essential, but that was before!

A few months ago, I would have told you that without a website and without a presence on social networks for your brand or company (Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat) you were wrong, today it is a waste of money and time.

No, I haven't gone crazy! Yes, I'm still a digital strategy consultant and social media expert.

I'll explain everything to you.

You've all noticed that you've been experiencing a decrease in reach and engagement on all your Facebook pages lately, and yes, social networks are not what they used to be if you continue to use them as before.

1. a "reach" to absent subscribers

Social media reach is considered the so-called "effective" audience, the reach of a publication on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat or other, the number of times the publication is displayed in the users' news feed.

Not all your subscribers see each of your publications, just as people who do not follow you or your brand can see your publication.

According to a study conducted by Agora Pulse the reach between 2017 and 2018 has decreased by almost 14%, and what about 2019? we can expect an even greater decrease.

The reach decreases as algorithms are updated on social networks.

Why? Why?

The social networking algorithm favours content hosted directly on the network in question that allows the user to stay on his platform for as long as possible, in other words, exit links that lead to an external site, because this type of post is not interesting for the social network in question, which is abandoned to the detriment of another site or another platform.

Unless... you decide to pay to be visible!

2. an Ads strategy to be visible

We have seen that the majority of your "organic" publications are rarely or never seen by your community.

This is even more likely if you use a link to your website, for example.

However, as you may have noticed, if you have already carried out Ads campaigns, the visibility of your posts is significantly increased if you pay the platform to be visible.

One of the great advantages of this paid solution is that you can define your target very precisely and reach it in a few clicks: gender, age, profession, geographical location, interests are all elements that you can define precisely in order to reach only the people you want.

The main problem is that many professional social accounts use this solution to be visible, so competition is becoming increasingly cruel.

Acquisition costs are exploding and the user is inundated with information that may be of interest to him, but from which he has not asked for anything.

This solution is increasingly costly for companies, as the cost of acquisition is constantly increasing the audience is getting tired of sponsored content, so some companies have made the decision to get out of the way and close their corporate accounts.

Is that really the solution?

Have these companies completely closed the doors to these means of instant communication?

Will they regret it?

Is it a bluff to make the buzz even more intense and attract the attention of the fans?

3 The case of Oasis


Who doesn't know the Oasis brand of drinks that has seduced young people thanks to Ramon Tafraise and Mangue Debol, among others?

This brand decided to leave Facebook overnight, without even informing its community, and no posts have been posted since 23 November 2018... 3 publications appeared without explanation in June 2019.

"It was not easy to ignore a platform in which Oasis has invested for years," says Benjamin Taieb, who has been in charge of the Oasis budget for several years at the Marcel agency in a article in the Journal du Net. Quitting Facebook was decided almost a year ago and a transition period was necessary, yet a community of almost 3 million fans remains subscribed to the page.

Internet users no longer subscribe to a brand page as easily, but the challenge today is to create interaction and engagement with existing subscribers in order to build loyalty and inspire non-subscribers to join the community.

While we remain in the food sector, brands like Nutella have also slowed down their presence on Facebook significantly.

But have they really left social networks?


All these brands mentioned above are still beautiful and well represented on social networks, but they have changed their strategy.

The question is: should we communicate to reach as many people as possible or create a communication that encourages fan engagement?

The basic rule is as follows: to engage your community, you must interact with it and involve it and establish a human, relational and personalized communication.

To better understand their strategy, we will try to meet them.

Close your accounts or implement an efficient strategy?

We have shown you that a presence on social networks is no longer enough to boost your notoriety and generate qualified leads.

The cost of acquisition is becoming less and less profitable for you.

Close your accounts OR adapt your strategy!

Here are the two options available to you.

If you have a very strong brand, you can afford to do like Oasis and stop your communication on the Facebook social network (which does not prevent the brand from communicating on other social networks; which are followed by a younger target; such as Instagram and Snapchat).

However, if you are a company with a lower reputation, you risk having a very negative impact on your image and consequently penalizing yourself in the short, medium and long term.

We must not neglect all the means of communication that can be implemented and that are very important acquisition levers.

YOUR ISSUE = review your digital strategy and adapt to the algorithms of the various social accounts.

If you're wondering how to do it, here are some tips.

5. some tips to best adapt your social media strategy.

Publish exclusive content

Publish specific content dedicated to social networks.

Content that causes users to leave the network is penalized, so your goal is to create content that will be hosted on the chosen social network and even created specifically for that social network.

Interact with your community

Social network" means meetings, exchanges, interactions.

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Linkedin, you are not there to broadcast content and leave again, because one of the main questions to ask yourself is: "What do I bring to my community?" Don't see social networks as a platform for content delivery anymore, but as a place to exchange with your community that will help you grow your brand.

Comment on publications, answer users' questions, while remaining authentic and true.

Choosing the right network

You think that being present on all existing social networks is the best strategy to increase your visibility?

To get a good return on investment, you will have to create content specific to each network and invest time to respond to Internet users and interact with them, unless you have significant financial and human resources, you will have to choose your fights.

In addition, each network is adapted to a specific target, which means that you have little or no potential interest in being present on certain social networks, so you will need to define your target beforehand in order to choose the most relevant network or networks on which to build your strategy.

To be effective, sort through and keep the most relevant and effective social networks.

Focus on influential marketing

Behind influential marketing, you shouldn't just see "reality TV star" and "Kim Kardashian".

You have influencers in all sectors of activity who, through their expertise in a specific field, benefit from a strong influence.

The buyer trusts content created by a third party much more than by a brand, and the opinions left on the sites have a very important impact on the decision-making process during the purchase process.

Using an influencer in your industry, who has recognized expertise and a great community is the solution to your presence on social networks.

It has become an essential lever in all social media strategies.

In conclusion,

Leaving social networks is therefore obviously not the solution.

You must be aware that these platforms have evolved and so have their users.

The challenge is to adapt to these changes and modernize the way you communicate by focusing on exchange and interaction with your community.

"Stop selling, guide!" Accompany your prospects, get in touch with them, create a relationship of trust and above all ask yourself the following question:

What are you doing concretely for your community?

This will require time and skills, which are essential for the proper use of social networks.

à propos de l'auteur.e : Anaïs Anthoine

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