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Blend Web Mix: a look back at the 48 hours most connected of Sarah the trainee

On October 24 and 25, 2018, a meeting was held on Web Blend Mixan event organised by the web kitchen and bringing together all web professionals (web marketers, developers, web designers, SEOs, etc.) in order to exchange on new professions, new uses, new technologies and new practices in all sectors of activity.

In addition to the traditional conferences, the Web blend mix offers workshops, animations and activities by promoting meetings between the different participants.

A small world that meets every year in Lyon, at the international city. So what to think of this événement ? Is it worth peine ? Is it as "special" as the organizers seem to think the décrire ? A look back at my personal experience during these two days of the event.

Mixed first impressions

My first impressions are far from being conclusive, all the more so as I got lost before reaching the event venue. Indeed, when arriving at the International City stop, no signage tells us where to go to join the Web Blend Mix. Fortunately, you just have to follow the crowd movements and realize that they all converge towards one and the same place. Here I am finally at the Web Blend Mix where, after a compulsory search (thanks to the Vigipirate plan, but we won't get into that kind of debate), I am directly taken care of by the organizers who equip me with a fluorescent orange bracelet (it gives me the impression of having arrived at a student party where I can help myself to food and drinks as much as I want).


The first conference I attend is entitled "Seamless Customer Experience through Digital Campaigns. A dream inaccessible ? "The links between web marketing campaigns and personalization of the user experience have always fascinated me, especially since they are an important part of my work. My enthusiasm wanes as I try to locate the conference room.

I take a first escalator and then a second one before I realize that I am in the amphitheatre and not in the "Golden Head Room 1". I decide to turn back and meet my saviour, a participant used to the long walks of the Web Blend Mix, who informs me that the conference is actually on the 2nd floor and when I dare to complain about the lack of signage, he concludes by laughing "oh, they've improved this année ! »

A seamless customer experience or the art of scaring the audience away

I finally arrive at the conference venue breathless, but nevertheless relieved to be able to sit down and start this first day. I can see that the room is full. Fortunately, the conference has not yet started and the speakers are still in the final "technical preparations". Time for me to launch the Twitter application and get my little notebook and pen out of my handbag.

Thus, the next 15 minutes are devoted to the missions of this consulting firm, the various customer issues encountered and the need to create a personalized user experience. I'm getting impatient and wonder when the presenters will finally start talking to us about the subject that interests us... I leave the room without further ado, disappointed to see that almost half of the conference time is devoted to promoting the firm without bringing us any real added value.

The Customer Manager Success: the superhero of your relationship client !

The afternoon of this first day begins with a new conference dedicated to the "Customer Succes Manager", a pompous anglicism that refers to a new profession that appeared with the emergence of software in SaaS mode. Designated under the acronym "CSM", it should not be confused with a business manager or a person in charge of customer marketing. The CSM is a person whose job revolves around 4 main missions:

1) Ensuring the on-bording (or boarding) of customers by reassuring them and accompanying them in the use of the tool. Thus, the CSM intervenes to fill in customer profiles, set up training to use the tool and manage the help centers. The CSM is also the person in charge of writing a FAQ (frequently asked questions) or all the articles integrated in a help center.

2)The adoption or activation of the software by the customer: the CSM is a trusted partner and acts as an intermediary between the product and the final customer. However, the CSM should not be confused with a Customer Care (customer service in the traditional sense of the term) since it is the latter who will handle customer requests. However, in small structures, these two professions are likely to be merged. The CMS must be able to project itself and anticipate requests even before they are made. This requires that it has a total mastery of the tool.

The customer success manager: a super hero for your customer relationship!

3) Customer retention. By anticipating customer needs, the SMC acts as a "breeder". The presenter thus calls that she has numerous statistics at her disposal that allow her to define different scenarios and implement corrective actions when a customer is qualified as a "dropout".

4) The 4e and the last step is renewal. The CSM may need to be accompanied by a business manager, since the latter is able to project himself into the future and more easily convince the customer to renew his subscription. 

At the end of the presentation and accompanied by my trainee sidekick, we decide to take a well-deserved break by going to the various activities on offer. Thus, we let ourselves be tempted by a make-up workshop where we take the opportunity to discuss with the professional make-up artist about her presence on social networks and the methods she uses to make herself known on the web. The result of this makeup session is amazing and we are now dressed as wounded warriors at combat ! We take care to immortalize the moment by taking a picture and publish it on our page. Facebook.

Online media success stories: the example of flash tweeting

Do you know the "flash tweet"  ? This daily meeting takes place every morning at 7:30 am on Twitter and aims to publish a Top 10 news on digital transformation. The creator, Emmanuelle Leneuf is a former journalist, she conceived this media brand as an informative newspaper that only deals with hot news.

example of flash tweet
The example of the flash tweet

What is the recipe for the success of the flash tweet that is now followed by more than 30 000 abonnés ? The creator of this media brand tells us her secrets, which she has chosen to share in 10 lessons.

  • Lesson 1: Listen to your community and identify its needs in order to deliver the information that interests it.
  • Lesson 2: make a daily appointment, hence the weekly flash tweet time (at 7:30 a.m. every day).
  •  Lesson 3: Differentiate yourself from the competition. To do so, it uses its journalistic skills, publishing only reliable information from sources considered legitimate. The "editorialization" of tweets involves looking for an attractive title that provokes debate and invites the community to exchange. It also implies the use of emojis, the real trademark of flash tweeting.
  •  Lesson 4: Embodying. The media must be interactive and encourage Internet users to exchange. The presenter insists that "information must feed the day" of Internet users. The latter are mobilized to take up the information shared by the Flash tweet and enrich it.
  •  Lesson 5: Meet. Communicating virtually is good, but meeting physically is better! The flash tweet organises annual "flash meetings" where the whole community meets and exchanges on the latest news in digital transformation.
  •  Lesson 6: Engage. Emmanuelle Leneuf has created special editions in which she gives the floor to experts. She no longer directs the flash tweet.
  • Lesson 8: Pamper. This involves forging special bonds with the community or entrusting them with new prerogatives. For example, it was the community that chose the Flash logo and changed it several times.
  •  Lesson 9: innover ! Your online media is a success and that's great, but should we keep it là ? The concept then spread to other social networks such as LinkedIn or Instagram. Also, new formats were created such as the video format where Emmannuelle Leneuf asked 5 questions to an expert on one of the topics related to the digital transformation.
  •  Lesson 10: Inspire. What if the tweet flash extends beyond borders? This concept has spread to other sectors of activity

This presentation, which lasted only 45 minutes, made me realize that it is still possible today, despite all the information we are fed with on a daily basis, to create a media brand that broadcasts reliable and relevant news, while uniting a community. 

At the end of the presentation, the audience seemed curious to learn more about the flash Tweet and the methods used by its creator. Bluffed by her ability to be present every morning at 7:30 a.m. sharp (well before that if you count the two ad tweets), I ask her how she organizes herself: "waking up every day at 5 a.m., because before publishing her live tweet, she does a daily wake-up call since she wants to publish hot news first and foremost". No sooner is the Q&A session over than some people are already gathering around them to ask her more questions.

In conclusion

What to remember from this Web Blend Mix ? Some presentations left me perplexed either because the subject was far too abstract, or because it was treated in too general a manner and would have required in my opinion some additional deepening. Other conferences unfortunately remain far too theoretical, hence the need to set up more workshops to study practical cases and bring participants and speakers to discuss their problems.

See you next year for a new edition. In the meantime, I am taking care to develop my sense of direction and to think about how I can bring my added value to future participants and not just be a mere spectator.

à propos de l'auteur.e : Sarah Hafiz

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