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7 Original Publications you Must (Absolutely) Post on your Facebook Page

You manage one or more Facebook pages for your company or your customers, and you can no longer renew yourself? don't panic, Facebook offers several different publications to promote your page through its tool to create facebook ad campaignsyour products, your brand and interact with your subscribers!

The Various Types of Posts on a Facebook Page

First of all, here are the different types of publications you can post on a Facebook page:

These various publication options allow you to either publish a simple status or share more specific content. The goal is to communicate more effectively and to find different ways of promoting your products, retail locations, or the brand itself.

Let’s learn more about 7 original publications that are offered by Facebook for your page!

1. Start a Live Video

This is an original format, since it isn’t used by brands very often. These videos allow you to present live footage of your presence at fairs, during the inauguration of a shop, while giving advice or conducting a webinar…

The point is to share live videos to all of the page’s subscribers. The maximum duration for these types of videos is 4 hours. This feature is also available for 360-degree video.

2. Invite your Subscribers to Call or Write to You

You can design posts to communicate with your subscribers through your business page.

You can, for example, create posts that have a “call now” feature to encourage Internet users to contact you by phone. This can be especially helpful when clients need further information on the service or product your are offering.

As for the messaging feature, the “send a message” tab on the post can encourage subscribers to contact you directly on Messenger. This type of publication can be a good way to get in touch if you wish to collect opinions or simply interact with the people who follow your page.

In both cases, these tabs allow you to show how close you are to your subscribers! Creating these types of posts is quite easy. Here’s a short video to show you how to do it!

3. Create an Offer

Are promotions or sales happening on the website’s online store or in your brick-and-mortar shop? With this type of post, you can tell Internet users all about it.

You can create a special offer for online users who like your page, or you can target a different audience by using the Power Editor.

Find out how to proceed with this video!

Good to know: you can include a promo code in the publication itself!

4. Write an Article

You don’t have a “news” space on your website or on your client’s site? Articles can now be written directly on Facebook! Posts appear instantly, they are quickly uploaded and responsive.

5. Create a Product

I already had the opportunity to talk about this feature in my last post on new Facebook features. Brands can present their products with a photo, a title, a description, a price and a link to buy the product.

The advantage? The products can be tagged on photographs and are listed in the shop space.

Find out how to make a product on Facebook in the video below:

6. Share a Photo or a Video

At first glance, these publications don’t seem very original! And yet, publishing photos or videos can be a way to step out of the ordinary, especially if you post small gifs, fun little videos, slideshows, carousel or canvas formats.

For example, with carousel, you can do a call to action while also telling a story about your brand, inviting the online user to scroll through the pictures on the left-hand side!

You can also use carousel to present a single large image!

7. Promote Yourself Locally

In the “Promote your business” tab, Facebook offers several options to communicate with online users.

You can also find all of these functionalities in the Ads Manager.

Local promotional initiatives help companies promote their points of sale to Internet users who live nearby.

The aim is to generate in-store sales! Online users who are close by see your publication and can easily come to you!

If you want to let people know what your address is without going through sponsored posts, you can use the feature “help people find your business”. It indicates the itinerary to reach the nearest store!

Here’s a short video explaining how to proceed!

The various types of publications on your business page allow you to bring different and original content to your subscribers. Latch on to your community and avoid being monotonous in your publications simply by using the features offered to you by the Facebook Page!

The next article will talk about bots on Messenger! See you very soon! 😉

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