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4 Interactive Social Network Posts that Will Boost Client Engagement

Chatbots, stories… these latest updates are increasingly effective and high-performing. They transform our ways of interacting, of being informed, and of consuming. In the face of these changes, companies need to find new methods to capture the attention of their target audiences. Today, Internet users want to be active agents. They want to give their opinion, vote, like, share… Making posts interactive on social media is therefore a way of placing online users at the heart of your digital strategy and giving them the option of engaging with your business.

Although the effectiveness of interactivity no longer needs to be proved, creating interactive posts isn’t an easy task. In order to help, we’re here to discuss 4 types of interactive posts that will boost client engagement. Don’t forget, these posts must be thought-out and written in a “call-to-action” logic with one priority in mind: your target audience.

Ask Questions to your Online Audience with Micro-surveys

I’m talking about short surveys here, composed of one to three questions. The main advantage of these posts is that users can consume them quickly. The more relevant the question is, the stronger the engagement. Multiple-choice questions give the online user the impression of being well-regarded for the simple reason that they give him a voice.

Although many online tools can help you design micro-surveys, social media networks have their own solutions and the functions offered there are much quicker and more efficient. With the development of these surveys, sharing content has been simplified. Various options exist to create the post, such as managing the survey’s duration. Micro-surveys on social networks present the advantage of making the result usable and visible by all as soon as the survey’s duration is over.

Facebook Survey
Creating a survey on Facebook
Twitter survey
Creating a survey on Twitter

Let’s not forget to mention the latest Instagram update that includes the “pool” tool on the Stories. Its use? Creating quick and ephemeral surveys for 24 hours, for the time of the posted story.

Creating a survey on Instagram

The Interactive Video, Beyond a Sequence of Images

Who hasn’t watched a video on social networks? Mark Zuckerberg understood that dynamic when he launched autoplay on Facebook. Today, making videos interactive helps you stand out. New elements can be added such as text bubbles, images on the main image or explanations. These elements appear fleetingly throughout the video. They are stimulated by clicks, drag-clicks, or by the video’s internal programs.

Creating videos often requires more resources and slightly more substantial skills than for other posts. But, once again, certain tools have been designed for this such as Playposit and Edpuzzle, for example.

Playposit demo
A model of an interactive demo video on Playposit

Playposit offers existing resources to help you create your own interactive videos. Tutorials are available to improve your skills and discover the environment. You can share the video by using the URL corresponding to the video. All you have to do is copy and paste the address in your post on your chosen social network.

PlayPosit Home
PlayPosit Interface

Its competitor, Edpuzzle, is more intuitive. It was designed in a more playful format. You can edit your interactive videos based on videos that were previously uploaded on Youtube. This is a significant advantage if you already have a channel there. Like Playposit, Edpuzzle has a help center. These elements make the tool easier and more enjoyable to use, especially when you don’t have full command of video-making tools.

EDpuzzle Home
EDpuzzle interface

Make Data Speak with the Interactive Infographic 

Infographics are aesthetically pleasing. In the last few years, they have been the most viral elements of content on the Internet. Since interactivity is our topic of the day, more and more animated infographics have appeared on social media. Numbers evolve, curves get bigger, texts appear based on the user’s movements. Interactive infographics are increasingly popular among users since they make the data speak. The more your online audience is convinced by your post, especially if it has interactive infographics, the more they will want to like, share their experience or give their opinion.

Mahi FX model
Example of an interactive infographic

We have recently discovered a tool that allows you to create interactive infographics in just a few clicks. Genially has an exhaustive interface. You have the option of creating infographics from scratch or to import your own resources. What did we like most about this tool? Its ease of use and sharing options: on social networks, links, email, or even through encoding. You’ll be able to drag it onto all platforms with ease.

Creation on
The Genially interface 2
Modes of diffusion on Genially

With Stories, Play the Ephemeral Card 

We couldn’t talk about interaction and engagement without mentioning the stories. Even though they don’t last, they are the number one post to call your audience to action. Stories are the poster child for the instantaneous culture. They please us because of their fun aspect, and, sometimes, for their voyeuristic side, too. The online user likes to know what’s going on on the other side of the screen! People like to get behind-the-scenes glimpses of companies. This tool, offered by Snapchat, Instagram and even Facebook answers this need perfectly.

On Instagram, brands happily make use of the stories and of a new tool that favors calls to action. The social network has indeed created the “see-more” function. Brands or companies can now showcase a product or a service via an Instagram story and add this extra feature. The user then swipes up on the story and is brought directly to the webpage featuring the product or service. These ephemeral posts have become real sensations in terms of interactivity and engagement thanks to options like “see-more”, and by making online users more curious.

Story Suncoo Paris
Suncoo Paris story with the “see more” feature

Interactive posts can be created in many ways. The main thing is to focus on your audience, answer their needs and expectations. In order to foster maximum engagement, add a variety of posts and therefore use several different tools such as those that we mentioned here. Don’t forget to create posts that match your style, your values and beliefs, so that users can easily identify you and be more sensitive to your content. Finally, always keep in mind that interactivity is simply a way of boosting engagement, but that engagement is part of a larger digital strategy.

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