Mobile, ephemeral and immersive: discover the 3 digital trends of 2018 !

What are the digital consumption habits at 2018 ? as every year, ComScore (find the full study entitled "The Future of Digital in Perspective" ) has just published a new report on user behaviour on different digital platforms (desktop, tablet, smartphone) worldwide, and at Staenk we have chosen to shed particular light on 3 main trends, as explained in this article.

The era of mobile applications has arrived

The ComScore survey shows that the time spent on mobile phones by French people has increased steadily over the past 3 years, even though in France - a situation that distinguishes France from other countries - consumers remain deeply attached to their good old desktop computers.

According to the data analyzed by the American Institute, most of our fellow countrymen use applications to connect to social networks, chat via messaging tools and play online games. On the other side of the Atlantic, the situation is somewhat different: Canadians and Americans spend more time on entertainment, but the differences between countries are still minimal.

Figure 1 – 80 % of the time spent on mobile is spent on applications - ComScore study

It is likely that, given the figures published by this study, some companies decide to develop their own mobile application. a beautiful design, successful ergonomics and the trick is joué ! But that is forgetting the significant cost of such a development, both financially and humanely. and let's face it, for an application to attract the attention of users, it must still be useful, fun and creative. many companies have simply reproduced, almost exactly, the content offered on their website. hence a

If you nevertheless want to create your own native application, i.e. one that you have created and developed yourself and can be downloaded to a store, then don't hesitate to take inspiration from the leaders, such as a famous American Fast-Food chain whose capital M adorns the entire façade, which stands out from the website and provides real added value for the user: the Internet user can very easily locate the restaurant nearest him, find the opening hours and order directly from his smartphone, saving time and

Video marketing in figures

According to the ComScore report, online video consumption is growing strongly, particularly on mobile media, with an increase of 12,%.

These data from the US market echo another study published by AOL in 2017 (see AOL's published computer graphics entitled" Mobile trends in 2017 "This survey revealed that nearly 63 % of consumers watched videos on their mobile phones every day, and AOL identified 3 main video trends:

  • Internet users prefer course formats of less than 5 minutes in length
  • Consumers look at " live " content, so 68 % have already tested this type of format
  • Users enjoy 360-degree immersive video

Figure 2 - Video consumption trends according to the AOL study

First, brands need to understand who their audience is, what type of content they are likely to be interested in, and what the purpose of the videos is. Is it to generate traffic or increase the rate of conversion ?

Depending on these answers and the channels used, it is wise to think about the types of content to publish: playful, entertaining and educational and to offer a real unique and stimulating experience to the viewer... A challenge to be taken up without doute ? no one said that making videos would be easy and would even turn into media, so let's do it properly. pas ?

The incredible breakthrough of Snapchat

Who would have thought, just a few years ago, that Snpachat would have become one of the top 5 most downloaded mobile applications in the United States and at Canada ? this application is based on a limited lifespan of messages and publications. how to build a sustainable strategy on a concept if éphémère ? some brands have done so and we will decrypt for you some case studies.

Figure 3 - Snpachat is among the top 5 most used applications in the United States and Canada

First of all, what is your objectif ? if you want to promote the launch of a new limited edition product, then read the following sentences carefully. a famous chain of perfume and cosmetics stores - Sephora, not to mention it - has organized a treasure hunt in its stores.

Users were encouraged to search for the mystery product through the surreptitious clues left by the brand, and the user had no choice but to stay connected to Snapchat if he wanted to be guided in real time and discover the treasure. donc  was a successful operation!

If you want to build loyalty and recruit young subscribers, then the following example will interest you: LDLC, a major retailer of computer products, has chosen to distribute exclusive promotions using a fresh, young and fanciful tone, and for this reason, the brand has chosen to use a mascot: Grumpy - alias grumpy cat - has attracted many fans in the LDLC community.

Figure 4 - Grumpy, the famous LDLC mascot on Snapchat

Snapchat is therefore a formidable lever for traffic acquisition, both on the web and at the point of sale, enabling brands to reach a younger audience, with little presence on traditional media, but there are many obstacles for brands: ephemeral and exclusive content that cannot be reused, significant cost in terms of resources and a complex analysis of results.


In 2018, digital is mobile, interactive, immersive, exclusive and ephemeral: consumer trends that reflect the needs of users, and brands must adapt by offering their audience ever clearer and more concise content and offering them a unique experience.

To be part of this change without simply observing it from afar, the definition of a digital strategy and the development of a communication plan are essential. And for that, nothing beats 360° support degrés !

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