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⭐ Why do an SEO audit of my website?

Company or organization, if you have a website and express the wish to be visible on search engines (Google, Bing...), the question of the natural referencing coming down.

As a reminder, natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of positioning oneself naturally (without paying) in search results, following the requests of Internet users. But SEO, governed by a set of criteria taken into account by Google (technicality of the site, richness of content, reputation of the site ... ) can be complex. To dive into it is not always easy!

This is why many companies choose to make their website a "corporate website" before taking any action. diagnosisalso known as audit or SEO analysis. We explain today why doing an SEO audit of your website can be a very good step to really boost this acquisition channel. 

What the SEO audit will bring me

The natural referencing audit is a complete file that draws up a report on your website and its organic visibility on search engines. It is a real strategic document for your website that will provide it with guidelines. Concretely, the analysis of your website and its natural referencing will give you a state of play which includes:

  • The natural traffic on your site, its evolution, analysis and explanations around this evolution
  • The possible blocking factors for your natural referencing
  • The keywords on which you are positioned
  • The opportunities existing keywords on which you are not / are not (yet) well positioned
  • Your competitors on the main expressions you target and how you position yourself in relation to them
  • Your detailed performances on the 3 pillars of natural referencing: the technicality of your website, its contents and its netlinking (external links or sites that refer to you)
  • The priorities to improve the SEO of your website down the road

How is the audit conducted?

1- Understanding your company, your world and your problems.

The first phase of the process is in an exchange with your search engine optimization agency. This will gather as much relevant information as possible to guide the audit and ensure that important data is not overlooked. Knowing your objectives will allow us to carry out an audit that is perfectly in line with your expectations!

2- Analysis of your competition's SEO performance. 

Your agency will then study the main competitors in your market in terms of natural referencing. This will enable it to better understand your sector, its SEO competition, the different strategies adopted and to guide the audit. This is an important step!

3- SEO performance analysis of your website. 

Main phase of the audit: your SEO consultant will analyze in detail the technical performance of your website, your content, your reputation and the current state of your SEO. This includes in particular : 

  • The indexing status of your site. Have your pages been taken into account by Google? If not, why not? Does your site contain ghost pages that need not be indexed? 
  • A technical analysis of your site. Are the main tags (title tags, metas descriptions, Hn tags, alt tags...) of your website optimized and well organized? Is your loading time satisfactory? Is your site performing well on mobile ?
  • The state of organic traffic on your site (volume) and its evolution
  • The analysis of your content: quality, quantity, semantic optimization...
  • The analysis of your tree structure as well as your internal mesh (internal links). Is the structure of your website clear and understandable for search engines (as well as for the internet user)? Are the links between your different pages well constructed, do they give them the importance they deserve?
  • The study of the keywords on which you are currently positioned, the evolution of your referencing on these keywords, the evolution of the number of keywords on which you are referenced
  • The status of your backlinks Do you have enough incoming links from sites that refer to you? Are there any authoritative sites in your sector?

Another point not neglected by the referrer: theuser experience ! The user experience is indeed a criterion that is increasingly taken into account by search engines when they offer results. Indeed, a user will be more likely to stay on a site when it does not present a too long load or when it is adapted to navigation on his smartphone for example. Then, what is the use of the traffic from natural referencing if your site does not generate actions afterwards? Yes, SEO and UX go hand in hand. This is the very principle of SXOand your provider will have to pay attention to this in their audit!

4- Semantic analysis

The objective is then tostudy your market from an SEO point of view by identifying which keywords are relevant. Between generic keywords and specific keywords, your consultant will be able to identify opportunities in line with your site, your objectives, your target.

This is an observation that often allows many companies to become aware of search expressions that are often typed in, but unsuspected... on which it is nevertheless relatively simple to position oneself!

5- Summary of priorities for your website. 

L’audit is by definition a comprehensive document and the objective is to draw from it the main lines. What are the different points on which to focus your efforts? The consultant will draw up a summary of the priority actions to be carried out on your website, according to their order of importance and potential impact.

6- Post-audit phase

The audit is sent to you: at Staenk, it is a detailed file containing between 30 and 100 pages depending on your site. It is easy to understand thanks to detailed explanations and numerous visuals illustrating the various findings.

Then it is up to you to take note of the analysis, define your strategy and draw up an course of action. You can then decide either to act internally, with your own resources, or to use a specialized agency or an independent consultant to accompany you and carry out the necessary optimizations.

Does my website need a diagnosis?

There are many reasons to have your website audited. An SEO diagnosis could be beneficial to you if you are in one of these situations:

  • You want to take concrete actions to develop your natural referencing and don't know what to do and where to start
  • You want to redesign your website and get recommendations for improvement based on your current site in advance. 
  • You're not not visible enough on Google and wish to be more present (and better positioned) in search results
  • You have drastically lost SEO traffic and want to reverse the trend
  • You have just launched your website and want to take it in the right direction to boost its traffic.
  • You are satisfied with the performance of your website and its natural referencing but are looking for new opportunities and ways to improve it.
  • You have a very specific SEO problem and wish to respond to it

In summary: yes, the audit is useful and genuinely necessary if you plan to invest in SEO! An SEO strategy is indeed profitable provided that you have clearly identified the strengths and weaknesses of your website and activate a combination of good levers.

I've already done an audit in the past: do I need to do one again?

The SEO audit, you can consider it as a check-up at the doctor's office. It is advisable to carry it out from time to time to make sure that your website is in good health. Similarly, the audit allows you to "examine" your site when you detect any abnormal symptoms 😉.

With a hundred updates of the Google algorithm per year and potentially new content from your competition, the stability of your positioning in the search hits is not insured. This is why it is important to go through a diagnosis and to follow the prescriptions of your specialist!

What concrete elements will the audit give me to act on afterwards?

The audit at Staenk systematically presents two elements that will help you take action. One, a summary table of at least 10 priorities (mentioned above) for your natural referencing. This way you know what to focus your work on. Secondly, throughout the audit and for each problem raised, the agency gives you its explanations and what actions to take to improve your site on the point in question. In this way, the document acts as guide which you can take back as you see fit to act.

If you decide to entrust the necessary work to your agency, it will have studied your site at length during the analysis carried out and will be able to take over the project immediately. Together, decide on the scope of the actions implemented: an estimate will be provided to you with the duration of the mission. When the SEO machine is launched, Staenk establishes a concrete action plan that determines the order of importance for each mission, the people involved and a deadline for completion!

How long does the SEO audit take?

A full SEO audit takes an average SEO consultant an entire day. Yes, a quality analysis takes time!

This time will vary according to the size of the site (number of pages), the complexity of its universe, the semantics to be studied but also your brief.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

The price of an SEO audit generally varies between 500€ and 5000€. It includes the work of an SEO consultant and his expertise, his know-how, his vision, his professional tools and all his energy! 

Beware of overly affordable services or ready-made online tools. The quality and accuracy of the analysis provided may be affected.

How to choose a provider?

To guide your choice among the various existing players and their offers, a first indicator is online reputation. You can check the Google (or Linkedin for example) reviews of the provider to get an idea of the quality of the work provided. 

Of course, this information is not always 100% representative. If you wish to go further in your research, there's nothing like talking to people who have already worked with the agency in question!

I mean, you can directly contact the principal concernednamely the provider! Do not hesitate to call him and ask him all your questions. How does he intend to conduct the audit? What is its price range? What tools does he use? You can also ask him for his pre-audit opinion on the situation of your website. Exchanging views will allow you to make your own assessment and decide whether or not to go further.

Our conclusion

As you will have understood, when you want to get the best possible SEO, you must first have a complete vision of your website (strengths and weaknesses) and SEO tracks to explore for it. The SEO audit will have a key role to play in this step!

Our advice: first make your personal analysis of the situation of your website and identify your objectives. Would you like to be better referenced in general? To be more visible on certain specific keywords? Detect new opportunities? Then think about the deadline and the budget you would like to keep. Don't forget, working on your SEO is an investment - but it's also one of the most profitable web strategies in the long run! 

Once your needs are clear and your ideas are gathered, you will have your brief and can then submit it to the professional you have selected. The path to online visibility can begin! 🙂

You want to perform an SEO audit?

Ask us for a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

ℹ What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a complete document that deciphers the natural referencing of your website: its positioned keywords, the evolution of its SEO traffic, its competitive environment in SEO... Above all, it analyzes the performance of your site in terms of content, technique, popularity and user experience: the 4 pillars of natural referencing.

Why do an SEO audit of my website?

An SEO audit will be useful in many cases, for example if your website is stabilizing in volume of visitors and you want to gain traffic, or if it is experiencing a sharp drop in traffic. It will indeed be useful for you to analyze your website, its strengths and weaknesses, in order to know the levers to exploit to improve your SEO.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

The price of an SEO audit is generally between 500€ and 5000€: it depends in particular on the volume of pages on your site and the depth of analysis desired.

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