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SEO: why should you invest in structured data to boost your website traffic?

The SEO of a website improves with rich snippets.

Well-referenced websites generally offer rich semantic content. Search engines quickly understand the topics covered and value the efforts made to facilitate scanning by indexing robots. These efforts also explain the success of a website with its readers, who easily find the answers to their questions. Structured data optimizes this type of website. It allows search engines to analyze their content even more accurately. This data is therefore essential to improve natural referencing. Why is structured data essential for the SEO...but also for your readers? We explain everything to you.

Being interested in the structured data on your website, what is the point? 

Structured data is defined as web coding technique that makes it easier to understand search enginesIt allows the installation of what are called "".rich snippets"This means richer displays thanks to structured data. 

Structured data optimizes the content of a website.
Structured data makes it possible to better reference a web page by specifying its content.

A rich snippet enhances an element of a website or web page by showing its specific features, which are described in detail using "tags". The webmaster can, for example, choose to describe a promotion by a specific title, but also by a price, a duration, particular services or contractual terms and conditions. These are all "standard data", structured in the form of tags, which help search enginesand especially Google, to understand the essence of the subject addressed by a web page. 

The analysis of structured data by search engines is crucial, as search engines transcribe it in their results. The tagging of web content therefore enables a microdata display that promotes the natural referencing of a siteAn element that can be really strategic to differentiate oneself from the competition. 

Structured data, essential to convince more readers? 

While search engines value web pages enriched with structured data, Internet users are also particularly interested in them. To take the example cited above, a promotion is more likely to attract customers if it mentions the amount of the discount or the contractual advantages in Google results. These enriched extracts, the famous "...", can be used to create a new product or snippets”, allow readers to sort through in search engine results. 

A website that intelligently exploits structured data offers its reader the following advantages : 

  • it facilitates the choice between the different search engine results;
  • it guarantees content that is more in line with its problematic; 
  • it reduces the navigation time needed to solve the problem.

All these elements contribute to improvement in the click rateThis optimizes site traffic, but also the bounce rate of the page concerned.

Which contents should be structured first?

Google has identified a list of themes that benefit from being structuredThis list includes products for sale, job advertisements, but also recipes, reviews, blog articles. All structured data that already exists on a website can also be identified via the "Google Search Console" tool. To do this, go to "Appearance in search results" and then to "Structured data". 

Currently, Google recognizes about twenty contents to be structured:

  • the articles written; 
  • recipes ; 
  • events ;
  • job advertisements ;
  • customer reviews ;
  • the products ;
  • the brands;
  • prices ;
  • customer notes.

In our promotional product example, the webmaster For example, he can choose to structure the product photo, brand or price, and can also highlight customer opinions and product features such as weight, size, colour or technical specifications. 

The data on a website can be structured very quickly, and Google offers a tool dedicated to this task, the markup aid toolMost CMSs also offer their own tools for structuring data. WordPress, for example, takes advantage of the plugin "SEO Structured Data Schema", an easy solution to integrate quickly and without any special knowledge of rich snippets to all his web pages. 

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