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Local SEO case study: how did we boost the performance of one of our customers?

Paradox or advantage, SEO on search engines is now very local ! you thought maybe an access to this window would give you access to the "whole world", well no, first you will rediscover local sites and actors.

What was our problem?

Our client offers B2B services in a very competitive sector: utility rental, in order to better reach Internet users who book mainly via the Internet, we have opted for a local referencing strategy.

Our approach

In order to position our page on the request utility rental Lyonwe have made several optimizations.


  • Improved utility experience (interface, mobile, images)
  • Creating pages as a subset
  • Optimization of content and visuals


  • Launching a PR campaign
  • Modification of the internal mesh size
  • Creation of high value-added content (see video on linkedin)


  • Optimizing content
  • Adding a visual
  • optimization of H1 and Title tags


After only 2 weeks, the page already gains 10 places in the search results. the following month, the page starts to be visible in Google's top 5. 2 months after the modifications the page is first in the SERP on the utility rental theme in Lyon.


à propos de l'auteur.e : Swann Le Moigne

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