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Natural referencing: how to (well) refer your site to be in 1st position

The first position on search engines is a bit "the-place-to-be", the b.a.-ba, I would even say the MUST to reach to ensure traffic through natural referencing on his website!

In November 2017, the click rate (CTR) of the first results (1re) position was 33% ! (16% for the 2e and 10% for the 3e)

Source : Advancedwebranking

How to reference your website on Google so that it is in the first position of Google search results? Which SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization in English, translated organic search) adopt in 2018? We tell you everything in this article!

1. prerequisites for your SEO strategy

Have an impeccable purchasing experience

To get the keys to a good SEO strategyfirst of all, start with fully understand your targetsIn the case of an e-commerce site, there are two important points to consider:

  • Understand by which means reasoning steps will pass your targetKnow how to respond quickly to any doubts they may have, thus ensuring that you a smooth purchasing processDoes my target group need advice on how to use my service/product? Would they like to see pictures of the product in real life? information she needs to be reassured.
  • Ensure a flawless purchasing experience, without bugs or unnecessary pagesIn the case of an e-commerce for example, make sure you have no technical problems when validating the basket. seamless interface who inspires confidence Ask yourself a few simple questions: can my target audience check the content of their shopping cart? how many steps does they encounter between basket validation and final purchase? are there any distractions that allow the user to exit the conversion tunnel?

Because we know that the drop-out rate is much more significant when the Internet user encounters difficulties, Therefore, pay particular attention to your purchasing process !

Memorize your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

The USPs are the competitive advantages who you differentiate from your competitorsWith your strengths in mind, you can propose a original view to your target and "better" meet their needs.

For example, if your main promise is to be more beautiful, taller, more powerful, then tell your target! Show why you are better than your competitors by differentiating yourself!

Define the human and financial resources necessary for the referencing of your website

Technically, being on the first position of a search engine is free, but in reality, it's not quite that! You're going to have to work hard and spend time To be well referenced – In this respect, referencing your website for free is no longer really possible, unless of course you don't count your hours ! yes, natural referencing takes time, and as time is money... so plan some human and financial resources for your SEO strategy.

Beforehand, of course, consider establishing a KPI list which will allow you to follow your evolution. Ask yourself what is the purpose of your SEO strategy to define objectives Have a ROIist vision of SEO!

2. conditions of a hell of an SEO strategy!

Find the right keywords for your SEO

Perform a in-depth keyword research In line with your target and objectives, pay particular attention to research intentions Put yourself in your target audience's shoes and give them the content they expect, based on their request.

Depending on the search typologies (commercial, transactional, informative, navigational words), offer him/her relevant and adapted content. 

Adapt the structure of your site to the expectations of your targets

Structure your website in such a way respond as well as possible to the different purchasing intentions Why talk about your services, if the target is looking for information, why try to sell your product to someone who wants free content, based on the main themes you were able to identify when searching for your keywords, always keep your target in mind, and ask yourself what your target audience can be. journey on your website, up to the final conversion (purchase, download, video viewing, lead, contact, etc.).

Create extraordinary content

After clearly defining the keyword search intentionsdesign of the content adapted for your audienceOffer generic information, but also your expertise on specific topics that Internet users will not be able to find elsewhere.

To make it simple, bring a real vadded to your contentBy the way, remember that in 2018, content is no longer just textual ! offer video, computer graphics, studies, e-books, animations, events and much more!

Think of the conversion tunnel

Set up CTA (call to action) Guide your target to where you want them to go, no matter what page they go through, the purpose must be the same: your objectives (contact form, newsletter subscription, purchase...).

If the expression says "All roads lead to Rome", well in your case, all paths must lead to conversion !

Share & communicate

You wrote a great article, but you don't know who to share it with? Gain visibility, share your contents with others and exchange with your community and its influencers.

Indirectly, social networks can have an influence on SEO, as we have already written on this subject in this article.

3. what you can expect from your SEO strategy (successful)

Before you get the first position, you will need to be patientBut if you have the following results, you are on the right track:

  • Quality trafficYour target audience is interested in your content and browses your site. rebound is low and the average duration of visits is increasing.
  • A good brandingYour target audience comes back to find information on your site and Internet users search for you directly with your brand name.
  • Incoming linksPeople even consider you as a reference, and create links to your site (focus on quality rather than quantity).
  • ConversionsYour site meets your objectives and provides you with conversions.

In short, 3 words to summarize this article: organize, analyze and write, so that your SEO strategy is at the top ! if you have not understood anything about this article or if you do not have time, our SEO agency is there for that reason, because we know that SEO is often complex to understand.

à propos de l'auteur.e : Swann Le Moigne

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